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Fully Passive GSM Interceptor: AGIS51 – Advanced GSM Interception System

Company: Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.
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AGIS-51 is designed for off-air interception for cellular communication in GSM networks.

The system is a Real Time, fully passive GSM monitoring system.

Standard configuration contains 16 receivers, 8 for forward channels and 8 for reverse channels.

It allows:

  • Interception of up to 8 concurrent duplex calls
  • Covering of up to 8 BTS at a given time.

Basic system includes Real Time A5.2 decipher.

AGIS51 can be integrated with A5.1 decipher.


Main Characteristics:

  • Interception of voice, SMS and DTMF
  • Quad frequency coverage
  • Each receiver can be tuned to any band, any channel and any operator.
  • Call related information
  • Supports few operational modes, such as: Target Mode and Random Mode
  • The system supports both types of encryption implemented in GSM networks – A5/1 and A5/2
  • Modular design
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