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Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)
Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)Micro Turbine Technology bv (MTT) was founded in 2003 with a focus on the development and commercialization of advanced micro gas turbines for various applications. Located in Eindhoven, MTT is situated in the high-tech area of the Netherlands, which is home of several top high-tech industries and -institutes. This offers optimal access to partners and services required to solve the variety of technological challenges that are associated with micro gas turbines and high speed generators.

MTT has recognized the potential of micro gas turbines to significantly reduce costs, emissions and improve performance of micro CHP (combined heat power) solutions. The MTT micro turbines have significant cost advantages over alternative CHP solutions with inherent complexity such as reciprocating engines. This offers a prospect to economically feasible micro CHP solutions that do not depend on government subsidies for successful market entry. MTT is developing micro turbine technology for several applications including:
- 3 kW micro-CHP system for the top-end domestic and SME markets,
- 3-5 kW Combined Auxiliary power unit and Parking heater (CAP) for trucks.

Both systems include a micro turbine driving a generator to produce electrical power and a heat exchanger to utilize the waste heat. For the near term, a recuperated gas turbine design with a radial compressor and turbine is being developed.
A long term development project employing a unique rotating combustor concept focuses on further reducing complexity and costs.

Address:De Rondom 1
City:5612 AP - Eindhoven
Country :Netherlands
Phone No:+31 (0)88 688 0000
Fax No:+31 (0)88 688 0050
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