eRequester Publishes E-Procurement Software Guide

SEATTLE, Wash., July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- eRequester, a leading e-procurement and spend management software system, announced today it is publishing a guide examining the top features to seek in a e-procurement solution. The e-book, The E-Procurement Software Consideration Guide, is available for free download at

Procurement teams and purchasing managers are charged with determining how to invest their companies' resources most effectively. However, many organizations struggle with achieving true procurement efficiency. An answer to overcoming these struggles can be found in a new generation of customizable e-procurement platforms. The current wave of software makes it easier than ever for purchasing managers to optimize their procurement processes and deliver even more value to their organizations. eRequester's new e-book details the features and functionalities the best e-procurement platforms offer. Highlights of the guide include:

    --  Eight challenges that procurement and purchasing departments face when
        attempting to maximize value for their organizations
    --  Fourteen key considerations, including streamlined purchase orders,
        budget control, and accounting analytics, to keep in mind when choosing
        e-procurement software

"Getting your company as profitable as it can be starts with fully optimizing your procurement department--it's that simple," says Benjamin Litjen, eRequester's CEO. "Although manual processes and spreadsheets might have been sufficient in the past, e-procurement platforms have drastically simplified purchasing for many forward-thinking organizations. Our new e-book explores the must-have features today's best solutions offer and how those features can help purchasing managers achieve maximum ROI."

For more information about this e-book or the services that eRequester offers, visit the company's website at

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eRequester web purchasing, AP automation, and expense management software offers businesses essential functionality for managing corporate expenditures. This robust platform enhances productivity for core procurement and payment processes by streamlining requisition and authorization routing workflow. eRequester users can leverage accounting system master information to create purchase, expense, or receiving transactions; route them for approval using its flexible and powerful workflow engine; and post them directly to a number of integrated business systems, including accounting systems by Sage Software, Microsoft, Intuit, and many others. eRequester is a Gold Partner of both Microsoft and Sage Software. eRequester is top rated by Gartner, an independent industry rating program, for ease-of-use, time-to-value, technology platform, and customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

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