EPICOS is the leading Global B2B (Business-to-Business) information platform for the Aerospace, Defence and High Technology (ADHT) Industries, and the only global offset and industrial cooperation consultancy and service provider. EPICOS offers Intelligence, Solutions and Support Services on Industrial Cooperation and Offsets world-wide.

Since its establishment in 2000, Epicos.com has been a reliable source of business intelligence for the A&D (Aerospace & Defence) Industry, with a growing access to international markets and customers. Currently, EPICOS is recognized by the majority of A&D companies, as well as other high technology organizations, as a reliable source of information on developments in the A&D market, but also as a competent authority with access to invaluable information on the global A&D industry and its capabilities, national Offsets and Industrial Cooperation regulations/frameworks world-wide, as well as highly customised databases of industry, procurement opportunities and industrial cooperation/offset projects developed over the years.



Epicos.com is a business unit of the European Finance Associates (EFA) S.A., a leading global advisory firm in the Aerospace and Defence markets, providing its international clients with market intelligence, technical advisory and support services, as well as management and consulting services for industrial collaboration and business development.

Operating through Athens, Greece, EPICOS is currently active in more than 55 countries, covering more than 85% of the world's Aerospace and Defence Procurement, Offsets and Industrial Cooperation activities. EPICOS supports the global A&D industry through a wide range of online and consulting services and products, such as:

  • Procurement/Tender Opportunities: Largest online database with tenders/procurements from all continents.
  • Industry Directory: The main pillar of the EPICOS Informational Services, is the EPICOS Industry Directory, a comprehensive database of over 4,000 companies active in the ADHT sectors. The Industry Directory is regularly updated, and provides detailed information regarding the products, services, basic contact information, references and expertise of the listed companies.
  • News: Up to the minute news from international media on the latest developments in the Aerospace & Defence industries.
  • Offsets/Industrial Cooperation (IC): EPICOS is the only portal delivering a consolidated view of IC and Offsets intelligence with Offsets news, guidelines & regulations from around the world.

EPICOS over the years has developed the National Industry Support Program (NISP), which provides domestic Aerospace, Defence and High Tech industries with a wide range of customised online and offline services, in order to assist them in developing their capabilities and expand their global market reach.

Each program is customized to the specific country’s needs and is targeted to domestic Aerospace, Defence and high-tech industries with a particular focus on SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). The program aims to support governments and local industry in areas such as:

  • In-depth Mapping and Analysis of the domestic industrial capabilities
  • Development of new technologies
  • Increased self-sufficiency
  • Export oriented business support services
  • Development of International Industrial Cooperation, Technology and Product Development projects
  • Global Industry Promotion and Marketing

Through the NISP programs, EPICOS has been able to develop strong relationships and establish direct access with the local Aerospace and Defence Industry, the government bodies and the A&D Industrial associations of each country that the NISP has been implemented, or is under development. Realizing the benefits of the EPICOS services and tools, sixteen (16) governments worldwide have selected EPICOS to support their Aerospace, Defence and High Technology Institutions and Governmental agencies, providing their domestic industry with a range of customised online and offline services. These countries are:

For each of the above programs, EPICOS had to map and analyse the local A&D capabilities, including the local industry (state-owned, private, primes and SMEs), local institutes, Governmental entities and Universities. The analysis for each country included the development of specific questionnaires and the conduction of interviews in order to collect the necessary data. Collected information was then analysed in order to generate bespoke reports requested by the Governments, as a mandatory deliverable for all National Industry Support Programs.

Finally, EPICOS offers a unique service for the Industrial Cooperation and Offsets market, namely the EPICOS Project Opportunities service, providing, online, a set of tools enabling the identification, structuring and implementation of comprehensive Offsets/IC projects. These projects enable Prime Contractors and the Local Industry to interact, in order to identify partnership and project implementation opportunities. Most of the projects listed in our database have been developed together with the local industry and are supported by the respective offset authorities.