Cleveland Earns "Connected City Award" For Wireless Network Upgrades

CLEVELAND, Sept. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobilitie, the largest privately-held wireless infrastructure provider in the United States, today named Cleveland, Ohio a recipient of its "Connected City Award" in recognition of improvements made to the city's wireless networks.

The "Connected City Award" recognizes cities that demonstrate remarkable leadership that help bridge the digital divide by bringing 21(st)-century wireless access and capacity to its neighborhoods, educational systems and businesses. Cleveland is the third city nationwide to receive the award.

Working with city officials, Mobilitie has invested millions of dollars and installed dozens of its small cell sites across northern Ohio, densifying wireless networks and dramatically increasing capacities, capabilities and speeds, particularly for mobile data. The company added its antennas and radios primarily on existing structures, like street lights, making the entire deployment virtually unnoticeable.

In addition, the new densified wireless network provides the foundation for 5G, the network necessary for the next wave of innovation including virtual reality, self-driven cars, remote control homes, and more. It will also bring ultra-fast 4G and 5G services to more people, including areas that have previously been underserved.

"Mobilitie's small-cell technology makes world-class wireless voice and data networks happen at a fraction of the expense and time of traditional networks," said Christo Karmis, president of Mobilitie.

"We've done it in Cleveland working in partnership with progressive-thinking city officials, who realize that the next generation of innovation will require significant increases in capacity and functionality and the fraction-of-a second speeds 5G will deliver," said Karmis

Small-cell technology expands network coverage and capacity using limited infrastructure (radios are the size of a laptop bag) installed at unobtrusive locations to augment the coverage of wireless carriers. It requires minimal space, and low-power demands. The networks are 5G ready and designed to be upgradeable to accommodate future wireless demand.

"We're installing thousands of small cells across the country," said Karmis. "And as with Cleveland, these installs are permanent, unobtrusive long-term improvements to the communications experience that bring an unprecedented level of wireless connectivity - the lifeblood of 21(st) century economies -- that benefit residents, businesses and visitors."

About Mobilitie
Mobilitie is the largest privately-held telecommunications infrastructure company in the United States. As a global provider of complete wireless solutions, Mobilitie helps people stay connected on their mobile devices wherever they are. It funds, deploys and operates next-generation infrastructure that enables robust 4G LTE coverage and upcoming 5G services and speeds.

Mobilitie wireless infrastructure includes communication towers, indoor and outdoor neutral host DAS networks, small cells, and Wi-Fi networks. Mobilitie's Advanced Technology Group engineers innovative wireless solutions that improve wireless service at the largest and most complex venues across all major industries--including sports and entertainment, real estate, hospitality, education, healthcare, government and transportation.

Mobilitie partners with cities and municipalities across the country to deploy next generation small-cell sites and other infrastructure that provides local residents with enhanced mobile connectivity and wireless broadband access. Its high-density wireless infrastructure is designed to enable the richest, most interactive mobile experiences including real-time video streaming, location-based services, social media and other mobile applications.

Mobilitie is headquartered in Newport Beach, California and has regional offices in Cleveland, Chicago and internationally. To learn more about our wireless coverage solutions, visit us at

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