Altamira Awarded NCMA Certification Support Award

Altamira has been recognized by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) for excellent work supporting employees in obtaining a NCMA certification. The award highlights the efforts of organizations that go above and beyond to encourage professional development and education.

Altamira empowers employees to obtain professional certification through a partnership and incentive program that includes reimbursement for expenses associated with certification, company time allowed for testing, peer learning and continuation education opportunities, and financial rewards for certification completion. As a result, all lead Contracts Managers at Altamira possess a NCMA certification along with 67% of eligible employees within the contracts department.

“The NCMA Certification Support Award reflects Altamira’s corporate dedication to the professional development and engagement of our employees,” said Jeremy Koczan, Chief Financial Officer for Altamira. “Our commitment to supporting the educational advancement of procurement and acquisition professionals extends beyond our own Contracts Team to include work supporting others in the industry as they pursue professional certification.”

In collaboration with the local NCMA chapter, Altamira hosted and organized the CFCM certification study group for the 2015 – 2016 program year. To support the process for both employees and local chapter members, Altamira scheduled subject matter expert instructors, supplied study material, provided a class room for the event, and proctored the exam. Among those certified through the program were both Altamira employees and Government Contracting Officers.

The NCMA Certification Award was presented to Altamira at the World Congress 2017 event in Chicago. World Congress is the association’s largest educational event and features speakers, breakout sessions, and additional training opportunities for contract professionals in government, industry, and commercial business.

About Altamira

Altamira brings a commercial mindset to solving the most complex national security problems by delivering mission application development, multi-intelligence analysis, cyber operations, and big data solutions to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities. Altamira’s culture of innovation and excellence, and mid-market-size, positions us as the premier next generation leader bringing technology solutions to mission.