SPENT Money Reinvents the Freelance Life

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SPENT Money app enables freelancers and small business owners to manage expenses and make smart spending decisions. The app taps into the 55 million American freelancers (almost 35% of the total U.S. workforce), and offers easy tracking of business deductions through automated expense management. It's also the only app of its kind to offer cash back on purchases with thousands of online and local retailers and hotel stays at millions of locations worldwide. By pairing expense management with cash back, SPENT allows the user to get a handle on their expenditures and also earn hundreds of dollars a year on products and services.

The app allows users to track and organize purchases, capture receipts, and submit expenses in real time. Companies can create business accounts, invite employees or freelancers to submit expense reports, and manage expenditures in an easy-to-use dashboard. SPENT enables individuals and companies to analyze spending patterns in order to better understand their spending.

Says Erno Tauriainen, CEO and Founder of SPENT, "Our product is unique because it enables smarter spending, both on the personal and business sides. Users earn cash back on the products they're already buying, gain tips to better manage their finances and utilize tools to get the most out of every dollar. And we have exciting features coming. We'll be first in the market to introduce automatic cash back earning for SPENT Money users on their favorite brands of choice."

SPENT has several new partnerships including Taxfyle, a platform that connects individuals with licensed tax professionals. According to CEO Richard Lavina, "Taxfyle customers who use SPENT enjoy the benefits of extra fast turnaround times since their deductions have already been tracked. Sometimes these complex business returns are even completed within a few hours."

The premium subscription version of SPENT for small businesses makes it possible for employees whose expenses have approved to get instant reimbursement through the QuickBooks Online integration. This new version of SPENT is now available on desktop at and an IOS and Android app.

Later this fall, the brand will introduce SPENT Travel, a native booking platform that will offer more cash back on hotels globally, an average of 10-15%. For more information please visit https://spentapp.com.

SPENT was founded in 2015 with the goal of reengineering how people approach managing their spending. We created a simple, easy-to-use expense management tool that allows individuals to manage their business and personal finances while maximizing their spending through cash back features. SPENT is a champion for the new workforce of freelancers and small business owners whose work and personal lives blend together. We offer over 1,400,000 places to earn up to 25% cash back. Whether you're booking your next trip, dining out or shopping online, SPENT is there to simplify. Visit SPENTapp.com to download and learn more.

Chanel Sedeno

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