How E-learning Can Help to Reinvent Pharma Sales Teams and Increase Sales in the Digital Age

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, September 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Today, Doctrina, an independent e-learning platform for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals, has released a special white paper on the transformation of the pharma industry due to changes that are occurring, how to utilise new technology and which approach to use in order to be more successful.

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The white paper, titled 'Transformation of pharma due to changes that are occurring: new technology and approach to increase your sales', describes important pillars that help reinvent sales teams and increase sales in the age of digitalization. It's meant to help CEOs, managers and sales representatives employed in pharma companies in the age of digitalization.

This report is based on research dedicated to finding answers to the three most important questions that help us to understand what is today's most effective route to achieving better results: 'Which selling style is the most effective?', 'How can you convince a pharmacy employee to recommend your drug?', and 'How can you measure effectiveness?'. Results showed that sales representatives think it is crucial for a pharmacy employee to be well educated about the product, in order for them to recommend the drug to customers. They also graded time spent in pharmacies as being mostly dedicated to small talk and strengthening of relationships, and said there was often not enough time remaining to make an actual sale. Furthermore, e-learning is an approach that empowers managers and CEOs to reinvent their sales teams in order to be more responsive to today's customers and circumstances. In the digital age, e-learning provides new and better information flows in a fast and more convenient way, which positively influences market reach and segmentation, shortens sales cycles and consequently helps to increase sales.

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About Doctrina Doctrina [ ] is an online platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to further train pharmacy employees through webinars. It assists sales representative visits with greater and faster reach, lower costs, and accurate analytics. The platform is used daily by over 55,000 pharmacists in Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Russia and Croatia. Doctrina has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773732.


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