Google Tops The First-Ever Dice® List Of Ideal Employers For Tech Professionals

NEW YORK, Oct. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Google is the preferred employer among tech professionals in the United States, ranking first place in the inaugural Dice® Ideal Employer report. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook complete the Dice Ideal Employer top five.

When ranked by vertical industry, Walt Disney tops the list of ideal tech employers in the consumer market, IBM in business services, JP Morgan in finance, UnitedHealth Group in healthcare, and Tesla in transportation.

Google's number one ranking can be attributed to tech professionals perception of their strengths in offering competitive salaries, leading their industry in innovation, offering challenging and interesting work, being an established leader in tech and their record of success and financial stability. In particular, 78 percent of tech professionals who selected Google as an ideal employer thought that their competitive salaries and innovation were their best strengths.

"The Dice Ideal Employer rankings can inform employer brand strategies for companies that aim to be among next year's Ideal Employers," said Michael Durney, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc., parent company of Dice. "The message from tech professionals to employers is clear - what professionals want most is opportunity - opportunity represented by interesting work, competitive salary and being part of a successful, innovative company."

When asked what matters most to them in an Ideal Employer, tech professionals reported: 1) competitive salary (84% stated this was very important), 2) challenging work (83%), 3) benefits (82%), 4) positive organizational culture (81%) and 5) open/transparent communication (80%).

"While our survey respondents chose larger companies as their ideal employers, smaller companies can still compete by noting tech professionals' most desired qualities in their future employer," said George McFerran, EVP of Product & Marketing for DHI Group, Inc. "It's also important to show off your company's leadership, to be open and transparent and to understand what makes millennials tick."

Dice surveyed more than 5,000 tech professionals in the US between June and August 2017 and received nearly 16,000 votes from across more than 3,000 companies. With more than 3,000 companies receiving votes, companies of all sizes received votes, but voting was concentrated around larger employers. Respondents were asked what would be their top three choices for the most desirable company for which to work. Respondents also ranked 21 different employer/job attributes based on their importance to them. Next, they rated each Ideal Employer on these same attributes.

Dice Ideal Employer 2017 Top 30 Rankings:

1) Google
2) Amazon
3) Microsoft
4) Apple
5) Facebook
6) IBM
7) Walt Disney
8) Tesla
9) Cisco Systems
10) Oracle
11) Dell
12) Lockheed Martin
13) JP Morgan
13) SpaceX
15) Deloitte
16) Salesforce
16) Verizon
18) AT&T
19) NASA
20) Northrop Grumman
21) Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
22) General Electric (GE)
22) Hewlett Packard
24) Accenture
25) Boeing
25) Intel
27) UnitedHealth Group
28) Activision Blizzard
29) SAP
30) Netflix

In addition to the Dice Ideal Employer survey, DHI Group, Inc. conducts comparable surveys serving other industries, including finance, oil / gas and biotech / pharma.

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Dice's inaugural Ideal Employer research was conducted via an online survey tool between the months of June 2017 and August 2017. In total, the survey garnered 5,477 respondents across the United States. There were 15,878 valid votes for ideal employers with a total mention of 3,474 different companies.

To ensure statistical validity of the results 30+ votes per company were required for major rankings (e.g. region) and 10+ votes per company required for minor rankings (e.g. company sector).

Where companies had divisions or acquisitions they were combined into the parent company. An example would be Pixar Animation Studios, which was rolled up under Walt Disney.

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