BaleDoneen Method to Present Best Practices for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS and SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Every 43 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack, and every four minutes, an American dies from a stroke. On November 2-4, the BaleDoneen Method (BDM) will convene leading experts to discuss best practices to prevent these catastrophes at its 10(th) Annual Reunion of graduates of its Preceptorship Course.

Hundreds of medical and dental providers have completed this training, hailing it as "an incredible resource ... the future of medicine" and "the only totally comprehensive program in the world for the prevention of this disease." Accredited for continuing medical education (CME), the course teaches advanced techniques to detect--and reverse--cardiovascular disease (CVD) before a heart attack or stroke occurs.

"The most exciting thing about the reunion is having healthcare providers who have successfully put our comprehensive, precision-medicine approach into practice share their excellent results and tips," says Bradley Bale, MD, who cofounded the BaleDoneen Method with Amy Doneen, DNP. Two recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that the BDM can halt, stabilize and reverse CVD, helping people avoid heart attacks and strokes, even if they have already suffered one or more of these events.

Speakers will discuss root causes of CVD and best practices to treat them, including these:

Gum disease. Drs. Bale and Doneen will present their latest peer-reviewed publication, considered "landmark" because it is the first to identify oral bacteria from periodontal (gum) disease as a contributing cause of CVD. "What's important about our study is that it suggests a new, potentially lifesaving strategy to prevent heart attacks and strokes," says Dr. Doneen. "For many patients, CVD is a medical problem with a dental solution."

Medical-dental teamwork to save lives and hearts. Featured speakers on medical-dental collaboration to optimize patients' oral/systemic health include Barb McClatchie, DDS; Eric Goulder, MD; Jason Wischmeyer, MD; Kelly Robinson, DDS; Gina Pritchard, ACNP, DNPc; and Victor Avis, DDS. Michael Gelb, DDS will discuss the airway and its role in sleep disorders.

Genetically guided precision medicine. More than 50% of Americans carry genes that magnify their heart attack and stroke risk. The BDM uses leading-edge genetic testing to identify these patients and guide the best personalized treatments, including a diet based on their DNA. David Vigerust, PhD, chief science officer of MyGenetx, will present a tutorial on Dynamic PGT genetic testing, which is used to identify the safest and most effective medications for each patient.

The event will also include dramatic patient success stories and a parade through the French Quarter from 1-1:30pm on Saturday, November 4(th), ending(, )at the cemetery. There, attendees will hold a memorial for everyone buried there due to CVD and will pledge to continue their efforts to eliminate it as the leading killer of Americans.

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