AZOTH nootropic supplement available now on Amazon Prime

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AZOTH LLC's cognitive-enhancement nootropic formula, AZOTH 2.0, is available to purchase now on Amazon Prime.

AZOTH 2.0 has found great success in its short time on the market, selling more than 8,500 units in more than 34 countries in less than a month from direct online sales, capturing the top spot in its category on

Next stop, the world's largest online retailer.

"Going live on Amazon is a huge step for my company in just its first year of existence," AZOTH LLC CEO and professional bodybuilder Prady Tewarie said. "Nootropics are one of the fastest-growing segments in the market, and AZOTH 2.0 is the best out there, no doubt. It's not just some cheap caffeine pill backed by a fancy marketing scheme.

"When you buy this, your money is going toward the ingredients, which are five-10 times stronger than what's in other nootropics."

Tewarie developed the formula himself, testing hundreds of different combinations to find just the right balance. And while he is a professional bodybuilder and business lawyer, AZOTH 2.0 is for anyone and everyone seeking to maximize their time and productivity. This includes people who work the typical 9-5 schedule, habitual coffee drinkers, students, video gamers, athletes trying to recover from adrenal fatigue, biohackers, working parents and many, many more.

AZOTH 2.0 contains patented ingredients designed to increase motivation, confidence, memory and focus -- all without the crash or side effects associated with caffeinated energy drinks and products, such as withdrawal headaches and sleep pattern disturbance.

It is 100 percent made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility that is cGMP compliant, and the ingredients are all fully disclosed on the label -- there is no proprietary blend and what is on the label is exactly what's inside the bottle.

AZOTH 2.0 is also infused with cortisol blockers and adaptogens helping to reverse stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue that many people who frequently consume caffeinated drinks are dealing with. Tewarie says, "Time is man's most valuable commodity, and now there is a better way to increase your productivity than by hurting your long-term health pumping yourself full of caffeinated and stimulant-based products."

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