Tauri Group Continues its Growth in Emerging Technology Defense Needs

The Tauri Group was recently awarded a contract to provide technical, analytical, administrative, and specialized support to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OASD(R&E)) and the Principal Deputy, Assistant Secretary of Defense Research and Engineering (PDASD(R&E)), and the Office of Net Technical Assessment (ONTA).

The ONTA identifies emerging and potentially disruptive science and technology; recommends efficient research and development (R&D) strategies; and, coordinates intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination plans to inform research and engineering activities.

CEO Cos DiMaggio said of the award, “We are pleased in being selected as the contractor of choice on this 5-year contract to support the ONTA’s critical role in DoD’s R&D mission. This partnership with ONTA, along with our current contract support to other OSD-level offices furthers our footprint in supporting the Department’s efforts related to emerging technology and rapid capability development.”

The award comes under the Technical Engineering Administrative Management Support (TEAMS) BPA from Washington Headquarters Services (WHS).

The WHS, Acquisition Directorate is the Single Enterprise Contracting Office (SECO) for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The SECO purchases over 1.3 billion in products and services annually, with the largest category of services purchased for SECO customers being knowledge-based services (KBS).

About The Tauri Group: Established in 2001, The Tauri Group confronts national security challenges by creating innovative, multi-dimensional, and operationally relevant solutions. Decision-makers know they can rely on our expertise and judgment for comprehensive, defensible advice. Their comprehensive services include Studies and Analyses, Test Evaluation, Systems Engineering, R&D Program Management and Strategic Planning for customers including Joint Services, Homeland Security and Department of Defense.