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NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) is pleased to announce that it has completed the integration of its Video Virtualization Engine(TM) (VVE) with Microsoft Azure. VVE is now available to Microsoft's cloud customers. The integration was facilitated by Magenic, a leading business technology consulting firm based in the U.S.

Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are making huge investments in virtualizing video services (technologies) in the cloud. It's arguably the biggest battle on the Internet given that video accounts for over 80 percent of internet traffic. Linius invented and patented the world's only video virtualization technology -- which is now available on all three cloud providers, completing its strategy of building for global 'internet scaling' of the business.

Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are all investing heavily in artificial intelligence and micro-services. Currently, these rely on data being wrapped around the video file as the video file itself is an impenetrable object. With Linius the video file data is exposed, making video as flexible as all other forms of data. In this way Linius enables Microsoft, Amazon and IBM to bring much greater value from the cloud and artificial intelligence to the video market.

Chris Richardson, CEO of Linius, commented, "The integration with Microsoft is key to our mission to scale rapidly, and our vision of making the world's video available as data. Our major cloud providers are very focused on virtualizing the video management tools in the cloud, but only Linius can virtualize the actual video file. We feel strongly that we are the missing link in these providers' video services. Remember, video accounts for nearly 80 percent of internet traffic."

About Linius Technologies Limited:

Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) has invented and patented the Video Virtualization Engine(TM) (VVE), which is available on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM BlueMix.

Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are investing billions in virtualizing video services (technologies) and artificial intelligence in the cloud. It is arguably the biggest battle on the internet, given that video accounts for over 80 percent of internet traffic.

Only Linius can expose the data that makes up the video file, making cumbersome video as flexible as all other forms of data. Accessing the data within the video file is the missing link for video cloud service providers, creating unparalleled value across the internet video industry.

Linius has the potential to transform many multi-billion dollar markets, and is initially focused on:

    --  Anti-Piracy: Applying proven data protection methods to video to solve
    --  Search: Search within videos and compile new videos on the fly
    --  Security and Defense: Intelligent search and immediate distribution of
        security footage
    --  Personalized Advertising: Hyper personalized to individuals, timeslots
        and content

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