Maxthon Leads Worldwide Browsers to Embrace Blockchain Technology by Introducing Browser Mining Mechanism for Cryptocurrency

BEIJING, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxthon has been awarded "Best Browser" for three consecutive years and has also been named Asia's most potential business Top 100 by the world's leading IT commentary magazine "Red Herring". It has hundred millions of users that covering 242 countries and regions with 670 million global downloads in total.

Maxthon has partnered with LivesOne, a blockchain platform introduced by Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation, to develop a brand new browser that can mine LivesToken, a new cryptocurrency.

Gate Has Opened Towards A New World Of Symbiosism Economy

Maxthon Browser has already joined the Symbiosism System and has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation to develop a special mining edition browser to mine LivesToken (LVT). Maxthon is the first major Internet application developer to test the waters of blockchain technology.

LivesToken (LVT) is a cryptocurrency issued by LivesOne, which is the medium that solves the user value realization problem. LivesToken (LVT) is distributed through internet applications to compensate the quantified value that users generated from their behaviors and consumed time on the internet, and eventually promote applications to acquire more and better users. LivesToken is a cryptocurrency that promotes products for businesses, and also serves as a value-added token to compensate users for their daily internet behavior, including but not limited to downloads, installs, initiations, and further engagements.

Bitcoin, has been largely monopolized by a series of powerful mine pools and it's extremely hard for the masses to cut a slice through mining. Maxthon Browser, on the other hand, can guarantee the fairness of mining and advocate users to use the Maxthon Browser Mining Edition to combine daily internet use with cryptocurrency mining. In this case, token mining is no longer a separate action, but a necessary step of internet usage. LivesToken will be generated automatically and assigned to the users based on their browser usage. No expensive graphic card is required, no additional power usage needed, users can browse at work or at home to mine LivesToken. This browser mining mechanism is the first green mining mechanism for users that created by Maxthon.

Maxthon Browser Mining Edition's Notes

    1. Reservation Stage:Starting from mid January 2018, users can go to the
       event page and sign up to make a reservation for the Maxthon Browser
       Mining Edition. Users can only initiate browser mining after successfully
       signing up. Invitation codes will also be assigned to registered users to
       invite friends to join at a later stage.

    2. Promotion Stage:Starting at the end of January 2018, global mining of
       LivesToken (LVT) will begin. All users who successfully signed up in the
       reservation stage will be eligible to join using the Maxthon Browser
       Mining Edition to mine tokens. Each day 10 million LVT will be assigned
       to the miners for 50 consecutive days, which means a total of 500 million
       LVT will be given out in this stage.

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