Gaumard Unveils World's Most Advanced Pediatric Simulator at IMSH '18

MIAMI, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A young child may have trouble explaining medical symptoms - yet a quick look at his facial expressions can reveal much about anxiety and pain.

That's why Gaumard Scientific Company is unveiling Pediatric HAL® S2225, the world's most advanced wireless and tetherless mobile pediatric patient simulator. HAL is designed to help health care students and professionals at all levels develop the specialized skills needed to effectively communicate with, diagnose, and treat young patients throughout the continuum of care. HAL's responsive features set a new standard for training across the pre-hospital, transport, emergency, nursing, and intensive care settings.

Pediatric HAL is on display for the first time January 14th -16th in booth 425 at the 2018 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Pediatric HAL introduces a host of new technologies including active robotics, which allows it to simulate nearly a dozen facial expressions, including anxiety, anger, amazement, ongoing and transient pain, and more. For the first time in pediatric simulation, HAL will offer clinical educators a solution for developing learners' communication skills and empathy through immersive patient-provider communication simulation experiences.

"Good communication skills are essential for diagnosing and treating children, yet until now, learners and clinicians haven't had a pediatric simulator that interacts with them in a realistic, lifelike way," John Eggert, executive vice president of Gaumard Scientific Company, says.

"With Pediatric HAL, you can practice handling difficult situations, such as how to communicate a serious medical diagnosis to a young child."

Gaumard recognizes that every second counts in pediatric emergency medicine and critical care. That is why Pediatric HAL is completely wireless and tetherless to ensure the continuum of care is never interrupted even as he is moved from outside the hospital to the emergency room and pediatric intensive care.

"Pediatric HAL raises the bar in anatomical and physiological fidelity, allowing participants to practice in-situ using real equipment and employ clinically accurate techniques. Participants can perform a full range of emergency procedures including surgical airway, needle decompression, and chest tube thoracostomy with the highest degree of realism. It's the closest experience to real world pediatric emergency care available today," said John Eggert.

Pediatric HAL supports a broad range of real patient monitors and sensors and features dynamic lung compliance that responds to real mechanical ventilation. This enables learners to develop the skills needed to set up and operate equipment as they would in real clinical situations.

Pediatric HAL includes 10 outcome-focused scenarios designed to replicate a variety of clinical situations throughout the spectrum of pediatric care. Accompanying each Simulation Learning Experience(TM) is a detailed written guide for setting up, planning, and facilitating the learning experience.

Also on display at IMSH is Care In Motion(TM), Gaumard's first wireless video-assisted debriefing solution and the ideal complement to Pediatric HAL and other wireless and tetherless patient simulators in Gaumard's family.

Care In Motion is a video recording and playback platform designed to help educators maximize participant learning through video-assisted debriefing. Care In Motion finally makes recording and playback simple enough for anyone to use, allowing educators to focus on delivering the best debriefing and learning experience possible.

Simply power on Care In Motion and tap the screen to wirelessly record audio and video from multiple sources simultaneously, whether at the point of injury or in transit, without interruption. Care In Motion allows educators to record training scenarios and playback sessions for debriefing -- all from one place. The Care In Motion tablet and HD wireless cameras seamlessly integrate with Gaumard's UNI® operating system to automatically capture and synchronize simulator patient vitals, sensor data, and patient interaction with video in real time.

A Family Affair

Gaumard's family of patient simulators on exhibit at IMSH includes:

    --  Super Tory(®) S2220, the world's most advanced neonatal patient
        simulator, for managing neonatal pulmonary disorders and identifying
        signs of neonatal cardiovascular disease;
    --  Victoria(®) S2200, the world's most advanced mobile maternal/fetal
        patient simulator, for handling obstetric emergencies and practicing
        neonatal care immediately after birth;
    --  HAL® S3201, an advanced multipurpose patient simulator operating
        continuously from the accident scene to the ER and ICU, featuring an
        advanced respiratory system that supports mechanical ventilation for
        training to manage airway complications;
    --  HAL(®) S3040.100, an emergency field care trauma patient simulator for
        practicing prehospital disaster response and rehearsing infectious
        disease protocols.

About Gaumard Scientific

Gaumard® Scientific Company has designed, manufactured and marketed simulators for health care education for more than 60 years. Users worldwide recognize Gaumard products for their innovation in simulation.

Gaumard customers include the military, emergency medical services, major teaching hospitals and nursing schools.

In 2000, Gaumard launched the revolutionary family of NOELLE® maternal and neonatal care simulators that changed the way training is conducted. In 2004, Gaumard pioneered the use of fully tetherless technology with the introduction of the family of HAL® simulators.

In 2014, the company introduced Victoria®, its most advanced, mobile maternal/fetal simulator as part of the NOELLE family.

In 2017, Gaumard profoundly changed the healthcare education industry with Super Tory®, the first newborn simulator developed to meet the challenges of neonatal care specialists training in real environments.

And in 2018, Gaumard is again transforming the industry with Pediatric HAL®, the world's most advanced pediatric patient simulator and the first capable of simulating lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech.

Gaumard manufactures its products at its world headquarters in Miami. The company sells simulators through its own representatives in North America and 200 distributors in 70 countries.

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