Deconsure Launches in the United States

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Decontamination experts Deconsure Ltd have launched the world's first in-situ spectral detection system within the East Coast of America. This development will be a game changer for hospitals, who can now optimize infection control on medical devices. "We have developed a unique machine to sterilize contaminated medical devices at a competitive price for hospitals, so they can control HAI's without worrying about cost. We want our values for enhanced patient safety to be available to all and not be limited by hospital budgets," says Managing Director, Saba Yussouf.

After five years of R&D, Dr. Nanda Nayuni, Chief Science Officer has invented a non-chemical, no touch cleaning verification device, specifically designed for decontamination departments, which has never been seen before.

This ground breaking device can detect and quantify blood, protein, adhesives, lubricants, oils and medically relevant contaminants, with a visual space location projected on a 3D image of the medical device in question.

Deconsure Ltd is a decontamination and infection control company, dedicated to bringing innovative solutions for room decontamination, surgical instrument cleaning and validation.

Saba Yussouf
Managing Director

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