UFC Champion Michael Bisping To Champion Timicoin At Dallas Block Chain Super Conference Feb. 17-19.

DALLAS, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Timicoin (www.Timicoin.io), world's first cryptocurrency mobile platform to use blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records, will have a world famous health advocate in its corner at the Dallas Block Chain Super Conference, UFC Champion Michael Bisping.

Bisping will attend the conference with Timicoin co-founders Will Lowe, CEO and Ram Pequeno who'll introduce their mobile platform for doctors and patients to safely store and access medical records from anywhere in the world.

"As a worldwide traveler and fighter for health, I'm jumping into the blockchain ring as both an investor and believer in Timicoin, which makes storing and accessing medical records a breeze that will blow away threats like ransomware," said Bisping.

"This is the champion cryptocurrency blockchain platform because it provides such secure storage for my medical records and accessibility to them by doctors worldwide whenever I travel, which is often, so it makes perfect sense," added Bisping.

"As a fan of Michael Bisping, I felt his lifelong dedication to maintaining his health and fitness, plus all the traveling he does makes him a perfect champion of Timicoin and a credible advocate of our novel use of breakthrough technology," said Lowe.

Bisping, a mixed martial artist and actor, fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and is a former UFC Middleweight Champion.

The Timicoin solution is exciting because all doctors and patients will now have full access to all their medical records at their fingertips. The travel and tourism industry also should champion Timicoin as it will raise traveler's comfort levels knowing medical records will always be accessible anywhere.

"Timicoin can be lifesaving as it provides medical information in a few clicks, creating a sense of comfort for tourists who can quickly access their medical history from anywhere," said Bisping.

Timicoin comes at a time healthcare is shifting towards a digital transformation with companies like Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase planning to disrupt with their own solution for an industry reeling from inefficiencies created by a web of doctors, hospitals, insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

As each new technology is prone to cyberattack, Timicoin has patent-pending solutions securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability.

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