SENER concludes the manufacturing of the Euclid satellite assembly equipment

The engineering and technology group SENER has developed the assembly equipment for the Euclid mission, promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA). The delivery is composed of thirteen MGSE devices (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment), the last devices have recently been transported to Italy, where the mission probe assembly takes place. 

The mechanical ground support equipment serve, among other things, to place the satellite accurately on different surfaces and thus helps the access to technicians. They also allow the satellite to be transported to test rooms and placed in the load area of the space shuttle. The production of the MGSE and the assembly of the satellites represent a great engineering challenge, inasmuch as all the satellites are unique in their kind. These constructions weigh from hundreds of kilograms to several tons and are made up of thousands of pieces and kilometers of cables. 

SENER has designed, manufactured and analyzed thirteen devices for the assembly of a large satellite weighing 2.3 tons for the Euclid mission, which has recently been delivered to the main contractor of the mission, in Italy. 

The participation of SENER extends to the Orbit and Attitude Control System (AOCS / GNC) in which it is the main contractor. The company also developed the secondary mirror refocusing mechanism (M2M) for this mission and is responsible for the design, production, integration, verification and validation of the high gain antenna deployment and pointing mechanism (HGA ADPM). 

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