Introducing Hangtime, A New Mobile Game Show Network Delivering a Friends-First Social Experience

Introducing Hangtime, A New Mobile Game Show Network Delivering a Friends-First Social Experience

Every day, players can tune in to compete and collaborate with friends in live game shows for a chance to win cash and prizes

NEW YORK, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Kiswe, the pioneer of cloud-based interactive mobile video solutions, launched Hangtime, a new and fun mobile gaming platform that lets users play live trivia games and quizzes while interacting with each other directly on the app. For each game, players can compete to win cash and other prizes while chatting and collaborating with friends in public or private "Hangs," or digital rooms.

"TV has always been a social experience centered around popular shows that air during certain times of the day. However, with the transition to mobile devices, viewers have been given the power to watch any content, anytime, anywhere. As a result, we lost the social benefits of watching TV as a group," said Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe, the company that built Hangtime. "By reintroducing social experiences to live video on mobile devices, Hangtime provides fun ways to bring friends, old and new, together to watch and play live game shows. Interactive and collaborative gaming is the first step towards our vision that mobile video is best when shared live with friends. During the beta phase of the app, we were able to build an incredible community of loyal Hangers, and we're excited to bring this new gaming experience to everyone starting today."

Hangtime offers daily trivia and quiz shows at 2pm and 6pm Eastern Time with frequent late-night pop-up shows for the Hangtime Community. Hangtime currently has three different game shows: "Pop Quiz," "Perfectly Adequate Games," hosted by Will and Erinn of Perfectly Adequate Films, and "The Good Game Show," hosted by Jon Hudson, a local New York City-based comedian. The app also features live pre- and post-game shows hosted by live animated characters who engage with users and help them get their private hangs organized.

Hangtime does not eliminate players for answering a question incorrectly. Together with the friends-first social features and live interactive experiences, the average session times often exceed the actual length of the game. The app is powered by Kiswe's industry-leading and patented cloud video technology, which has provided state-of-the-art live mobile video experiences for the owners and distributors of large sports and music events. Hangtime's underlying technology minimizes lag for players and allows for rapid introduction of new game formats and onboarding of interactive video experience from industry content publishers and brands.

Hangtime's additional unique features include:

    --  Live animated host characters, Steeve and DJ Chuck, who engage with and
        entertain players with banter and music before and after games.
    --  A live scoreboard to see how you are performing against friends and
        other contestants during each game.
    --  A comprehensive leaderboard that lets friends compete, tournament-style,
        with each other throughout the week as well as reveal the top Hangtime
        players of the week.
    --  Public and Private rooms, or "hangs," for you to interact, chat,
        collaborate, or compete with other players or just your friends.
    --  Freebies, or the ability to pass on answering a question, earned by
        inviting a friend to join Hangtime.
    --  Simple and immediate introduction of interactive content in partnership
        with creators and publishers who seek new ways to engage their audience
        within or adjacent to the games.

Hangtime continues to add more shows, game-formats, and hosts to scale up its interactive gaming network. The Hangtime 1.0 app is available today for free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, please visit:

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