Nuctech Participated in the 4th WCO Global AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) Conference

Nuctech Participated in the 4th WCO Global AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) Conference

KAMPALA, Uganda, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From 14(th) to 16(th), March, 2018, Nuctech participated in the 4th AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) Global Conference of WCO held in Kampala the capital of Uganda. The theme of the conference was "to improve AEO mutual recognition, and strengthen the protection of global trade", and the conference saw over 1,500 representatives from 95 countries gather together to discuss cooperative development between global customs and enterprises in order to facilitate the safe and smooth construction of the industry supply chain. During the conference, the achievements of UFF platforms developed by different NII manufacturers under the UFF project were also discussed.

To mark the first AEO Global Conference held in the continent of Africa, the President of Uganda attended the conference and made a speech stressing the importance of cooperation among East African countries and called for the rebuilding of trust among African countries. Some customs leaders of African countries also participated in the conference.

During the main forum, Xiong Xin from Nuctech participated in a discussion on the topic of "Where are AEO and MRA today following their inception? Has anything changed?" and discussed the research and practices of different countries on the implementation of the WCO framework document after its introduction in 2005. Additionally, Nuctech held a special seminar entitled "New innovations to support security and trade facilitation in partnership with Customs" in Track F. Marketing manager Ma Xiongfeng introduced the SMART customs solution, aimed at constructing a multi-level supervision & command system and providing modern integrated management platform for customs administrators, and conducted an in-depth discussion on intelligent customs solutions with the distinguished guests.

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