Boston TMS Therapy Center Earns NeuroStar® Gold Circle Provider Status

Boston TMS Therapy Center Earns NeuroStar® Gold Circle Provider Status

BOSTON, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --The TMS Center at Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) is now a Gold Circle Provider of NeuroStar® TMS Therapy. Gold Circle Provider status is earned by TMS centers and doctors who have performed 500 or more treatments in the last 12 months. Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Sanja Petrovic and Dr. Simreet Khaira are Board-certified psychiatrists providing TMS Therapy for Depression at CPA's downtown Boston TMS Center.

According to NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy, CPA's partner in TMS Therapy, more than 1.7 million treatments have been delivered to approximately 50,000 adult depression patients in the United States, but there are 5.5 million adults in the United States treated for depression who do not achieve remission with antidepressant medication. [1],[2],[3] There is a clear need for effective, alternative treatments for these clients. CPA has achieved the important milestone of Gold Circle status in a short amount of time, further demonstrating both the need for and demand for this breakthrough treatment. CPA is proud to be the only private behavioral health practice in the city of Boston to offer NeuroStar® TMS Therapy.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is an FDA-approved, non-medication, non-invasive treatment for patients who continue to experience depressive symptoms despite therapy and anti-depressant treatment or those who cannot tolerate anti-depressant medication due to the side effects they experience. Instead of medication, TMS Therapy uses a magnetic pulse similar to that of an MRI to stimulate areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression. TMS Therapy sessions last about 25 minutes and typically are conducted daily for 4-6 weeks. Patients typically undergo treatment during a lunch break at work or other convenient time and may return immediately to their daily routine. Most health insurance plans cover TMS Therapy. Individuals considering TMS Therapy should be evaluated by a trained TMS psychiatrist to determine whether it is an appropriate treatment.

CPA Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Sanja Petrovic is a strong advocate for TMS Therapy. "I believe that every clinician empathizes with clients who continue to suffer from severe clinical depression. Physicians continue to see clients who are unable achieve remission despite different medication trials and psychotherapy. TMS Therapy is an important, safe alternative that may profoundly improve the quality of life for many of these clients."

CPA founder & CEO, Dr. Andrea Piatt says an important part of offering TMS Therapy is getting the word out to medical providers and clients about the availability of such an effective, non-medication alternative treatment for chronic depression. "Although TMS Therapy is becoming more well-known, too many clients are missing out on this treatment option because their health care providers are unaware of it. We are working to raise awareness and to bring this service to the large number of people who continue to suffer from depression despite trying every other available treatment." She added that CPA plans to continue expanding this service to other locations to meet the growing demand for this important treatment option.

More information about NeuroStar® and the TMS Center at Commonwealth Psychology Associates® is available at or by calling (617) 259-1895.

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