3 Ways to Avoid Expensive Emergency Dental Care - Even If You're Over 40

3 Ways to Avoid Expensive Emergency Dental Care - Even If You're Over 40

New book "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40" by San Diego Emergency Dental Care Experts, Dr. Justene Doan and Dr. Janice Doan

SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "Most people have no clue that they can prevent expensive emergency dental visits and save money through proper dental care. It's not their fault -- no one has taken the time to explain the truth. Until now," said Dr. Justene Doan, who co-authored the new dental health book "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40: 7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger" with her sister, Dr. Janice Doan.

Many people don't understand that an unhealthy mouth can compromise their overall health. It can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia, and other diseases. It can prevent them from receiving other medical care such as knee or hip replacement or heart surgery.

The Doan sisters were recognized as "Top 40 Under 40" dentists in the United States in 2015, and they jointly run A+ Family Dentistry in San Diego, California.

"The myth is that seeing a dentist is expensive. The truth is that not seeing a dentist is expensive," said Dr. Janice Doan, co-author.

On average, people spend about $650 by going to see a dentist regularly, according to a 2014 report from the American Dental Association. On the other hand, people who do not see a dentist regularly, can spend $3,000 or more.

Dental emergencies can ruin your vacation or an important family event, like a wedding.

"Emergencies never seem to happen at a convenient time. Usually it's a holiday like July 4 weekend, or Thanksgiving, or you're on a cruise. Or it's an important family event -- like your daughter is getting married," said Dr. Justene Doan.

"We get a lot of emergency dental calls at A+ Family Dentistry," said Dr. Janice Doan. "We're glad to help. And we'd like to share how people can avoid dental emergencies."

3 Ways to Avoid Expensive Emergency Dental Care

1. Be Free
Being free of cavities and gum infection is fundamental to good health. Cavities and gum infection cause inflammation. Inflammation accelerates aging and disease. Take good care of your teeth.

Action steps: See your dentist twice a year. Brush and floss daily.

2. Use Protection at Night
Many people are damaging their teeth without knowing it by grinding their teeth. Medication and stress can trigger grinding and clenching.

Action steps: Get a night guard from your dentist. Wear it every night.

3. Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth
Don't bathe your teeth in sugar by sipping soda or juice all day long. Read food labels. Avoid foods and drinks with over 5 grams of sugar.

Eat foods that are more alkaline on the pH scale. Some everyday foods like bread, corn, coffee, milk, alcohol, meat, are acidic. Vegetables are more alkaline.

Action steps: Drink water. Skip soda. Cut out sugar. Eat more vegetables and other alkaline foods.

The above tips are in the new book by the Doan sisters, "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40: 7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger." This book also reveals:

    --  Why bone loss jeopardizes your health, self-confidence and beauty
    --  Why your smile gradually fades as you age, and what to do about it now
    --  How throat cancer can be detected in 3 minutes and save your life
    --  The surprising link between your smile and your income, and more

Get the first chapter for free here: www.KeysToAHealthySmileAfter40.com for a limited time.

Same Page Press publisher Aurora Winter said, "Many people take better care of their cars than their own teeth. Don't make this mistake. You can get a new car. But your teeth need to last a lifetime. This book is your instruction manual for a healthy smile after forty. Grab a copy and give one to everyone you care about."

Published May 2018 by Same Page, a boutique publisher that specializes in launching entrepreneurial thought leaders, "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40" is available through Amazon or your favorite bookseller.

The Doan sisters are available for media interviews and speaking engagements on the topic "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40: 7 Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger." To schedule media interviews and speaking engagements, email janicedoandds@gmail.com.

To celebrate their new book, the Doan sisters are giving away autographed copies of "Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40" to the next 100 new patients over 40 who come into their office for a consultation. Print this article (or take a photo with your phone) and bring it with you to receive your free book when you come in for your first appointment.

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