Trimble Enables Water Utilities to Reduce Water Loss and Operating Costs with Comprehensive IoT and Smart Water Monitoring Solution

LAS VEGAS, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today the release of its most comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) and smart water monitoring solution for reducing leakage and non-revenue water (NRW) loss in drinking water systems.

The announcement was made at the 2018 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference & Expo (ACE18). Trimble's Water solutions will be showcased at booth #26047.

Water utilities globally are facing challenges associated with climate change and aging water infrastructure. In addition, there is pressure to limit NRW loss, which includes leakage of treated water from assets within drinking water systems. These leaks lead to increased operating expenses, a greater number of major pipeline bursts and the potential for contaminants to enter pipes, impacting water quality and public health.

Trimble's NRW solution introduces innovative technology for enabling utilities to address these challenges. Combining advanced wireless IoT data recorders and innovative cloud and mobile software, the comprehensive smart water solution helps reduce water loss and improves network visibility and operations through real-time leak detection and monitoring of water pressure, level and flow.

"Trimble's solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for addressing NRW loss, one of the biggest challenges facing water utilities around the world," said Alain Samaha, general manager, Trimble's Water Division. "The solution raises the bar for water monitoring across the entire industry and reinforces our commitment to applying the latest technologies to solve key issues facing utilities."

The Trimble NRW solution includes the Trimble(®) Unity NRW software application, the new Telog(®) 32 Advanced Series of 4G LTE Wireless Water Monitoring Recorders and Trimble Wireless Leak Detection. Together, these provide a comprehensive NRW solution for water utilities.

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Trimble Unity NRW Software Application
The Trimble Unity NRW software application is built on the latest version of the Trimble Unity smart water cloud and mobile software platform. The application provides utilities with office and mobile software for managing and reducing NRW through proactive leak detection, monitoring, field service and reporting. The Trimble Unity NRW application leverages IoT data collected from the latest Telog 32 Advanced Series of smart water monitoring data recorders and leak detection sensors.

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New Telog 32 Advanced Series of 4G LTE Wireless Data Recorders
Introduced today, the Telog 32 Advanced Series includes a full range of next generation rugged, battery-powered smart water IoT data recorders with 4G LTE wireless for remote monitoring. The Telog 32 Advanced Series provides industry-leading, real-time monitoring of pressure, water hammer, flow, level, valves and meters. The series enables utilities to remotely capture critical data required for reducing leakage and NRW, enhancing asset performance while improving resiliency and response to emergencies and extreme weather events.

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Trimble Wireless Leak Detection
Trimble Wireless Leak Detection provides fixed and mobile wireless leak detection technology for allowing utilities to proactively monitor their network, be notified when a leak occurs, assess the leak severity as well as accurately locate the site of the leak. The system uses cellular-based leak detection sensors and cloud data processing software for detecting and prioritizing leaks through continuous monitoring as well as locating leaks in the field using mobile sensors and smartphones.

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The Trimble Telog 32 Advanced Series and Trimble Wireless Leak Detection are available now through Trimble Water and its Authorized Business Partners. Trimble Unity NRW software application is available for demonstration and is expected to be commercially available in the third quarter of 2018. The solutions are modular and can be purchased separately or bundled.

About Trimble's Water Division
Trimble's Water Division focuses on solving key challenges that water, wastewater and stormwater utilities face as their infrastructure ages; droughts, flooding and other environmental issues increase; and customer needs grow. Trimble's solutions combine advanced positioning devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and communication technologies with enterprise, mobile and cloud software and analytics to provide utilities with a digital view and analysis of their networks. The solutions enable utilities to assess, monitor, inspect and manage their network in real-time--saving costs, reducing water loss, enhancing asset performance while improving regulatory compliance and customer service. For more information about Trimble's Water solutions, visit:

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