Technology Professionals Say Discrimination and Bias Problems Still Persist in Workplace Despite Employer Efforts to Improve

NEW YORK, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A new report from Dice®, the leading career site for technology professionals, finds technology professionals believe discrimination in a variety of forms exists in tech today. The inaugural report surveyed nearly 4,000 technology professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom and discovered bias by gender, age, ethnicity and political affiliation still exists today, despite employers' best efforts to be inclusive.

Key Findings:

    --  85% of female technology professionals believe discrimination exists in
        the technology industry, while only 62% of male technology professionals
        believe the same
    --  76% of technology professionals believe ageism exists in technology and
        40% of Gen X professionals feel discouraged to apply for jobs due to
        their age
    --  40% of tech pros who identify as LGBTQ believe sexual discrimination
        exists in the workplace while 15% who identify as heterosexual feel the
    --  38% of women tech pros said they have had their appearance commented on
        inappropriately in the workplace
    --  22% of technology professionals report government politics as part of
        corporate culture in tech.

Technology professionals believe a diverse workforce can lead to a more dynamic culture and increased creativity. Discrimination can have a genuine impact on a company's ability to recruit tech talent.

"Every company today should be thinking about its diversity program and considering the immense benefit to their organization when they are inclusive," said Kristina Yarrington, VP of Marketing for Dice. "Tech professionals say it's an important factor when considering working for a company and with the highly competitive tech recruitment landscape today, neglecting this important program can mean the difference between maintaining a competitive advantage in all parts of business, or falling behind."

As companies think about their employment brand and importance of inclusiveness for recruitment, tech professionals' experience at the workplace matter. More than 59% of women and 79% of men would recommend their current employer, but that number drops to 42% of women and 58% of men when they've witnessed discrimination on the job.

The report includes tips to building a diverse workforce and additional findings on the existing pipeline issue in tech.

Download the full report here:

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From February 13 to March 30, 2018, Dice surveyed U.S. and U.K. registered users and visitors of Dice and eFinancialCareers. A total of 3,993 professionals responded, with more than 1,200 men and 500 women completing the entire survey. Of those who completed the entire survey, more than 500 identified as Gen-X and 400 as Millennials.

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