Leonardo signs defence systems collaboration agreement with Konstrukta Defence in Slovakia

Leonardo has signed a collaboration agreement with Slovakia's Konstrukta Defence, a leading provider of artillery systems, that will see the two companies working together in the precision-guided ammunition field.

The agreement will see Leonardo's precision-guided Vulcano ammunition integrated onto Konstrukta's ZUZANA 2 155mm/52 cal artillery system, with the two companies going on to jointly market the products internationally. Leonardo and Konstrukta will also explore further collaboration with a view towards developing common defence European capabilities.

The partnership is in line with the goals of the European PeSCo (Permanent Structured Cooperation) initiative, which aims to improve the operational capabilities of member states by pooling resources and developing military equipment in a collaborative manner. Both Italy and Slovakia are members of PeSCo. 


  • The new commercial partnership will see the two companies integrating Leonardo's precision-guided 'Vulcano' ammunition onto Konstrukta's 'ZUZANA 2' 155mm/52 cal artillery system and jointly marketing the products to international customers
  • The agreement supports the aims of the European PeSCo (Permanent Structured Cooperation) initiative which aims to develop common defence capabilities and counts both Italy and Slovakia as members
  • As a key player in the guided ammunition field, Leonardo is expertly positioned to offer state-of-the-art products and technology for customers worldwide​
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