TimiCoin/TimiHealth Adds Andre Laurent Technology Networking Expertise to Board

AUSTIN, Texas, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TimiCoin/TimiHealth announces the newest member of their Advisory Board Andre Laurent. His thought leadership and deep expertise in networking and security will aid in helping shape the world's first operable blockchain healthcare technology.

The TimiCoin/TimiHealth board strategy is to combine professionals with deep healthcare industry experience with experts outside of the industry, such as Laurent, who can provide valuable insights critical to securely storing medical records without compromising performance.

As part of TimiCoin/TimiHealth's advisory board, Andre Laurent will ensure corporate strategies are executed upon in a secure, scalable and sustainable manner while delivering on the mission of convenient permission based access by anyone from anywhere leveraging any device.

"Optimizing patient and workforce experiences while lowering risk and reducing cost and complexity in this new era of digital transformation will require us to leverage new technology innovation combined with a change in process," said Laurent. "I am extremely excited to collaborate with an incredible team of diverse and topnotch talent to revolutionize the healthcare industry and to effectively impact lives," added Laurent.

"Each board member has an intricate role at TimiHealth and it's nice when it comes together with someone like Andre Laurent that has the expertise that is needed in blockchain," said Will Lowe, TimiCoin/TimiHealth's Co-Founder and Managing Director (www.Timicoin.io).

Laurent has extensive experience in the development and execution of global strategies and solutions within the technical community. His ability to link technical capabilities and design considerations to relevant priorities will translate to unprecedented customer, doctor and patient value.

Laurent is also brings depth when it comes to operating systems, innovation and go-to-market engagement. His background gives TimiHealth both the technical and creative solutions needed to leverage blockchain technology to drive innovation.

"There are many reasons we're excited to welcome Andre aboard. He brings to TimiHealth incredible technical skills and expertise in network engineering along with impressive credentials. While that skillset alone has earned him a place on our board, Andre brings exceptional people and relationship skills. Anyone who knows him will understand that it will be tough to keep up with his level of energy and enthusiasm, but we're up for the challenge," added Lignell.

Laurent has a Bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature, is a published author and is one of very few people in the world to hold three Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certifications and the highly regarded Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification.

TimiCoin attended the Second Annual Blockchain Summit, Blockchain Super Conference, HiMSS18, Global Blockchain Forum and HLTH Forum accompanied by Michael Bisping, UFC Champion and spokesperson for the system.

About TimiCoin/TimiHealth:
The Mobile Health Record Platform provides decentralized medical records from storing to accessing instantly from anywhere in the world in a secure exchange. TimiCoin/TimiHealth (Timicoin.io) is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in the US, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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