MARMOCER Marble Breaks Limitations with Innovative Designs at 2018 International Press Conference

XIAMEN, China, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 international press conference detailing the most recent advances made by MARMOCER, in terms of its cross-border business kicked off in Xiamen, China on June 26. MARMOCER is a brand under Fujian Nan'an Xin Dong Yuan Stone Co., Ltd. With a differentiated product development strategy and a user-centric philosophy, MARMOCER has once again proven itself to be a game-changer in the industry by overcoming limitations in relation to materials, functionality and aesthetics, and navigating the gap between traditional and modern designs and oriental and western designs. The combination of sophisticated product design, advanced technology, and flexible use models has led to the creation of a new series of eye-catching products. A product designer at the press conference observed that the new collection of products focuses on the correlation between marble and people, space and time, in addition to the innate beauty of the stone that has, since time immemorial, been the source material for many of man's most treasured monuments.

Internationally acclaimed home interior designer Ben Wu creates modern oriental beauty

The worldwide debut of the MARMOCER Master range "Mo" series became instant eye-catchers at the event. Ben Wu, an internationally renowned designer and advocate of modern oriental beauty, created the "Mo" series.

Marble is an exquisite stone that embodies the beauty of nature and oriental aesthetics. The "Mo" series highlights the texture and quality of the marble. White marble is the backdrop for the collection, as the stone is regarded as being as delicate as Chinese art paper. The white marble is embellished with green or gray stripes, creating color ink-based design patterns. Based on Chinese painting techniques and marble's natural texture, the series aims to give interior decorators and homeowners access to a background reminiscent of a quality home and a quality lifestyle featuring tranquility, comfort, and romantic charm in tandem with relaxation and inner peace.

Modular design redefines the use cases for marble

MARMOCER alters the traditional application of marble with a new modular design. The product designer further commented, "MARMOCER turns the functionality of marble into one that is akin to that of LEGO, delivering a level of flexibility that gives designers and homeowners full creative control."

Modular design fully meets the expectations of the end-user, whether that be the designer or the home's occupant, thanks to the significant advantages that are delivered as a result of the new level of flexibility, making the application of marble many times more efficient and practical. The ensemble of modules that form the collection can be used alone or assembled with other modules, providing clients with a superior experience as they decorate their homes, while catering to the designer's or homeowner's functional, aesthetic, and specific needs. MARMOCER chairman Yang Jialiang said: "Our unique advantages of an open supply chain and flexible production enable modular design, something that is unrivaled in the home design and home improvement markets, in that traditional tile makers are unable to provide such advantages."

Among the new products on display at the event, a "Cloud-Water-Crane" themed ensemble that was built based on six modules not only yielded dozens of types of oriental aesthetic possibilities through different combinations of the modules, but also proved its universality for large-area applications or interspersion within multi-functional spaces, whether on the wall, on the floor, or along a hallway. Based on the outstanding design, the ensemble received rave reviews from professional home architects and designers at the event.

The user-centric concept guides the development of the new product series

In line with the company's insights into market trends, MARMOCER unveiled a newly upgraded product series, including finely crafted materials that highlight how color can be a dominant feature for marble products in tandem with a new positioning in the market. This allows for more intuitive purchases by consumers and makes marble an option for a wider range of scenarios. The current lifestyle-based upgrade is more in line with the fashion trends that are taking place across the home design and home improvement markets. At the press conference, MARMOCER also announced the addition of over 20 new marble products to many of the company's 2018 series. With modular design as the core element, the new product design features module combinations, wall-floor integration, mixed matching between marble and luxury metals, fusion of classic and innovative elements, and the intersection of international aesthetics and oriental cultures. Additionally, the combination of fashion, simplicity, sophistication, elegance, and technology has injected new vitality into these eternally natural marble.

The MARMOCER Leopard, a study in the definition of craftsmanship, makes its debut

One of the event's highlights was the MARMOCER Leopard, the first product of MARMOCER's new luxury series and one that that has received a high level of positive feedback from the home designers and decorators who have seen it. The leopard, an animal which is symbolic of speed, power and grace while also being known for its loyalty to family as a fierce guardian, is the mascot of the MARMOCER brand. The birth of the MARMOCER Leopard is a strong testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, design, aesthetics, and an adherence to the highest quality standards as part of the production process. The complex mix of metals of different types and marble over a large area embodies the ultimate luxury of MARMOCER's exceptional craftsmanship. The product, a combination of marble design and aesthetics, offers unprecedented flexibility as each of its unique modular leopard elements, including the head that defines the leopard's innate strength, the grace of the leopard while in movement, the pattern of spots that define the animal and the claws, can be used separately or in combination, allowing the ensemble to be integrated into different home design styles.

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