China Natural Gas Monthly Report -

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The China Natural Gas Monthly Report is a comprehensive report on China's natural gas industry, which offers a unique database and analysis of the Chinese supply-demand balance and an overview highlighting the factors behind market trends, which it publishes in its periodical publications.

The Report provides full knowledge of China's natural gas market information alongside in-depth market analysis that helps readers seek opportunities and make decisions.

The report is provided by an independent energy consultant with over a decade of market tracking and analyzing experience.

Data Coverage:

  • Import/Export
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Apparent Consumption
  • Price
  • Trade Volume

Industrial Analysis & News Coverage:

  • Policy
  • Supply
  • Import
  • Consumption
  • Storage & Transportation
  • Pipeline
  • Terminal
  • Gas Power
  • Gas Fuel
  • Distributed Generation
  • CTG
  • Unconventional Gas
  • Alternative Energy(Coal, Crude, LPG, Electricity, Nuclear, Renewables etc.)

Who Should Subscribe

All those who are currently operating natural gas business in Asia and those who have an interest in the China gas market industry including:

  • Gas Trading Company
  • Analyst & Consultant
  • Project Operator & Investor
  • Distributor & Manufacturer
  • IOC & NOC


  • Most Up-to-date China Natural Gas Market Data Tracking from Official Resources
  • Comprehensive Analysis of China Gas Market Trends on Monthly Basis
  • Extensive Coverage of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Sectors
  • Monthly Insight Overview of Supply/Demand, Policy, Project and Industry News
  • Key Market Players & Deals Tracking within All Sub-sectors of China Gas Industry
  • Unique Perspectives from China's Domestic Authorities, Players and Market Sources


  • Support your current operations with latest market information, news and analysis
  • Keep up to speed on latest developments in China gas market on a monthly basis
  • Support, improve and optimize your strategy as well as business plan with both national wide and regional gas market information including supply/demand, policy and other players
  • Access to first-handed market data directly from official state bureau - NBS, NDRC, GAC & NEA
  • Identify your opportunities in this soaring market from industry dynamics, news, analysis and pricing trends

Major Players & Projects

We track major operators and projects in China's gas market with continuity, which helps you understand what happened in the past as well as what is happening now, even that what will happen in the future.

The Companies and projects include but not limited to:

  • CNPC/PetroChina
  • Sinopec
  • Beijing Gas Group
  • China Gas Holdings
  • Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline
  • Russia-China Gas Pipeline
  • Long term LNG Deals
  • China LNG Import & Terminal

We track China LNG import information in detail from every transaction, terminal, import company, source, volume and price. Meantime, we track and alert China's all LNG terminals from planning, approval application, construction and operation as well as major terminal operators:

  • CNPC Kunlun
  • Sinopec
  • Xinjiang Guanghui
  • Shenergy
  • Jiufeng
  • ENN
  • Chaozhou Huafeng
  • Baota Petrochemical
  • Pacific Oil & Gas
  • Huadian Group
  • Shenran Group
  • Hanas
  • Guodian Group

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