BASIS Re-Invents the Way We Plan with the Latest in AI-Assisted Planning

AUSTIN, Texas, July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BASIS announces the release of BASIS 2.0, the latest innovation in project planning. Powered by an AI-based planning assistant and Knowledge Library, BASIS captures, retains, and reuses critical project knowledge during the planning process. This solves the long-standing challenge of leveraging historical information and standards to drive the creation of more realistic and achievable plans. The BASIS Artificial Intelligence engine proactively makes suggestions to planners as they build a plan, guiding them as to what scope, activities, duration, cost, sequence, and risks should be included in the plan. The release of BASIS 2.0 improves the quality and relevance of suggestions by assigning context to stored knowledge and continually learning from user interaction. Identifying attributes such as project type, complexity, geographic location, etc., enables BASIS to understand the scope of the project and utilize this information when assisting the planner.

"Our vision for BASIS was to provide a tool that makes planning better by delivering a realistic plan, faster. In BASIS 2.0 we have focused very heavily on making the Artificial Intelligence engine smarter and the capture of team expertise easier, so we can quickly produce a plan that is driven by our historical project experiences and reflects the feedback and expertise of the teams performing the work." - Dr. Dan Patterson, BASIS CEO & Co-Founder

In addition to enhanced AI, BASIS 2.0 offers a simplified markup process to capture the expertise of project teams (Human Intelligence). An easy-to-use markup scorecard allows the planner to quickly gain consensus from team members in the field. Risk and uncertainty are captured in the markup process and can be integrated into Risk Analysis tools, ensuring confidence in the inputs required for risk modeling.

The BASIS team has revolutionized the science of planning over the past two decades, founding innovative organizations such as Pertmaster (now part of Oracle's Primavera offering) and Acumen (now part of the Deltek PPM offering). BASIS was built on the premise that a plan reflective of an organization's history and expertise is a more realistic and achievable plan. The more realistic the plan, the higher the chance of project success.

Current customers and those interested in the latest update to BASIS can get a first-hand look at the new features in a short video walkthrough or register for a free trial of BASIS 2.0.

BASIS is your AI-based planning assistant and hub for project knowledge. BASIS produces a realistic plan calibrated with historical knowledge and standards and validated by experts in the field. BASIS - Knowledge-Driven Planning. Learn more at