Iveco-Oto Melara Consortium (CIO) signs contract with the Italian Ministry of Defence for 10 Centauro II armoured vehicles

Today the Iveco-Oto Melara Consortium (CIO), which is 50% owned by Leonardo, signed a contract worth 159 million Euros with the Italian Ministry of Defence for the acquisition of the first 10 new Centauro II armoured vehicles. The signing ceremony took place at Palazzo Guidoni, the headquarters of the Italian Secretariat General of Defence and of the National Armaments Directorate. It was attended by the Secretary General of Defence and National Armaments Director, Aerial Squadron Marshall Carlo Magrassi, the Italian Army Chief of Staff, General Salvatore Farina, and the Director of the Land Armaments, Lieutenant General Francesco Castrataro. 

This is the first tranche out of a total 136 units. The contract also includes spares and logistic support. 
The contract value for Leonardo amounts to approximately 92 million Euros. The company will be responsible for the development and integration of the complete turret defence system, including the observation, targeting and communications systems.

Centauro II is a major step forward compared to the Centauro I in terms of power, situational awareness, mobility, ergonomics, shooting behaviour and communications, all while providing maximum crew protection. It is a latest-generation wheeled armoured vehicle that can operate in any number of scenarios: from national security missions to peacekeeping and support operations and in other operational theatres in which the Armed Forces need to intervene.


  • The contract, which includes vehicles, spares and logistic support, is for the first tranche of a total 136 units. The contract value to Leonardo is approximately 92 million Euros
  • Centauro II is a latest-generation wheeled armoured vehicle which combines high performance with maximum crew protection. The vehicle can be employed for national security missions and peace-keeping operations
  • Leonardo is responsible for the complete vehicles’ turret defence system, including observation, targeting and communications systems ​
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