The Fifth Annual SANS Security Awareness Summit Returns in August

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Don't let 2018 be the year you miss your chance to be part of the SANS Security Awareness Summit community event. This two-day interactive summit, which has nearly tripled in attendance size, is set to take place in Charleston, South Carolina August 8-9. It is the best vendor-neutral forum for security awareness officers aspiring to amplify their program and expand their expertise.

This summit, which sold out in advance last year, will be full of expert-focused discussions, interactive speaking sessions, and exclusive networking events. Awareness professionals can also take advantage of SANS information courses, which will bookend the summit and are led by the best experts in the industry. The expertise from the summit and courses will provide the foundation the security awareness community needs to help stop cyber-attacks in their tracks.

SANS cyber security instructors will provide invaluable information to those looking to help their security awareness program thrive. Among those instructors is Senior Security Awareness Expert and Trainer, Lance Spitzner, an author and esteemed presenter with over two decades of security experience in cyber threat research, awareness, and training around the globe with a passion for events like this upcoming summit.

"The SANS Security Awareness Summit is the largest event in the world dedicated to bringing together security awareness practitioners to identify and share the most effective solutions in managing human risk," Spitzner says. "What makes this event so powerful is the people attending it are the very ones who will determine the future of how organizations will manage their human risk."

Returning to this year's Summit:

    --  Show-n-Tell Booths: Enjoy an improved, expanded area, designed to
        support the interaction of awareness materials, developed by various
    --  Interactive Workshops: The workshops are hands-on and a great way to
        learn ways to set the building blocks of your own awareness program.
    --  Video Wars: Various organizations will present the process they took to
        create their own training videos.

New to the Summit:

    --  Security Awareness Report Booth: Visit our booth dedicated to the
        findings in the 2018 SANS Security Awareness report. Analysts from the
        Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (KCGC) will be there to answer
        questions and discuss the information coming from peers around the
    --  Interactive Polling: Access instant feedback from your peers in between
        speaking sessions. With the interactive polling, you can learn what your
        peers are thinking about training and in building a security awareness
    --  Content Review Kiosks: Visit the kiosks to gather a live look at our
        training content and discuss proven learning methodologies with the

Security awareness professionals can bring the insight obtained from this summit back to their organization while applying focus to nurturing their program's current maturity level. This is the most dynamic, expertly-guided security awareness summit the industry has to offer. For attendee information, to check out the SANS Security Awareness agenda, or to register for limited remaining space at the SANS Security Awareness Summit and training courses August 6-7; August 10-15, visit:

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SANS Security Awareness, a division of the SANS Institute, provides organizations with a complete and comprehensive security awareness solution, enabling them to easily and effectively manage their 'human' cyber security risk. SANS Security Awareness has worked with over 1,300 organizations and trained over 6.5 million people around the world. Security awareness training content is translated into over 20 languages and built by a global network of the world's most knowledgeable cyber security experts. Organizations trust that SANS Security Awareness content and training is world-class and ready for a global audience. The SANS Security Awareness program includes everything security awareness officers need to simply and effectively build a best-in-class security awareness program. For more information about training programs, please visit:

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