EvaluWise® and Teach n' Kids Learn (TKL) Announce Partnership to Provide Online Personalized Professional Development based on Specific Skills Identified Through Teacher Evaluation

JOLIET, Ill. and MIAMI, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vista Learning, NFP's EvaluWise®, the nation's leading provider of easy-to-use Teacher Evaluation cloud-based software for public, private and parochial schools, and Teach n' Kids Learn, Inc. (TKL) a cutting-edge provider of highly-effective online professional development, today announced the availability of full integration between their two programs to provide seamless online personalized professional development based on targeted skills identified by teacher evaluation.

The direct connection between EvaluWise®, and TKL's research-based professional development, allows schools and districts to immediately provide the highest quality skill-based professional development to educators based on identified areas of improvement.

Research has shown that quality of teacher instruction directly impacts student achievement. While demands for rigorous teacher evaluation and instructional improvement have grown, time available for teachers to participate in personalized professional development has decreased due to increased expectations of schools and educators. Addressing challenging social issues and complying with growing legislative requirements requires time and money. Most schools struggle with budgetary constraints. Providing timely, targeted professional development to teachers is the exception, not the rule. The ability to identify and immediately provide professional development based on specific skills identified through evaluation benefits schools, districts, teachers and students. This new partnership helps improve instruction while saving time and costs.

"This partnership provides our users with a cost-effective option to purchase powerful, high-quality professional development from within EvaluWise®. EvaluWise® is already recognized by schools and districts for providing the easiest to use, most time-saving tool for teacher and staff evaluation. Schools and districts can now provide a seamless means to focus on improving instructional practice," said Dr. Jay Linksman, Executive Director of Vista Learning, NFP, which developed EvaluWise®.

"The Teach n' Kids Learn approach to professional development provides educators with personalized learning opportunities that focus on strengthening and changing those instructional practices that directly impact student learning," said Rudy Azcuy, Founder and CEO of TKL.

For more information or to set up your Demo:
EvaluWise® www.evaluwise.org
Teach n' Kids Learn www.teachnkidslearn.com

About EvaluWise®
Evaluwise® is the most efficient and time-saving teacher evaluation tool available to improve the accuracy, usefulness and effectiveness of both formal and informal evaluations as well as classroom walkthroughs. It was built from the ground up by administrators and teachers who understand the real-world demands of educators. EvaluWise® was developed by and is sold through the educational and charitable non-profit, Vista Learning, NFP of Illinois. EvaluWise® - Teacher Evaluation Made Manageable and Effective.

About Teach n' Kids Learn (TKL)
Teach n' Kids Learn, Inc. is a leading national professional development provider for K-12 educators. Since 2009, our products and services have focused on combining job-embedded professional development practices within our online, and blended offerings. Our online courses are built on an integrated foundation of research, content, technology and customer service. - Transforming Education One Teacher at a Time.

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