Rx Networks Announces location.io Multiband Service

The addition of L2c and L5/E5 to location.io's comprehensive assistance solutions

ION GNSS+ 2018

MIAMI, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced the addition of GPS L2c and L5, QZSS L2c and L5 CNAV and Galileo E5a F/NAV messages to location.io, a feature-rich, highly modular location platform.

These new messages will be available in a variety of data formats, including IoT-optimized, NTRIP, LPP, RRLP and proprietary real-time data. The new signals can support mobile devices with either dual-band or single-band GNSS receivers, in single or multi-constellation configurations, in real-time and predicted contexts.

"Multiband is making waves in GNSS for mobile devices like smartphones," said Peter Mueller, Head of Product Management at Rx Networks. "Thanks to the upgraded and expanded Rx Networks global reference network, I can get L1/E1/B1 plus L2c plus L5/E5, and the network is even ready for Galileo E6, all with a great service level agreement!"

location.io includes technologies already in use by over 1 billion smartphones, laptops, and wearables worldwide.

All location.io services are delivered from Rx Networks' geo-redundant and cloud based service delivery network, ensuring a 99.999% service level availability.

For more information, please contact sales@rxnetworks.com, visit the Rx Networks booth at ION GNSS+ 2018, or visit rxnetworks.com.

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