Content Raven's Awards Solution Boosts Engagement Among Sales Learners

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Content Raven, the modern sales enablement platform provider, today announced its Awards solution for incentivizing and encouraging sales training, enablement and onboarding.

The success of a sales team is based on the individual sales rep's ability to obtain, retain and use knowledge, both in terms of selling strategies and company and product differentiators. Two of the biggest barriers to a sales rep's success are poor onboarding and lack of access to appropriate materials and content. Meanwhile competitiveness and confidence are two of the most valuable personality traits in successful sales executives. With Content Raven's new awards solution sales managers can cater to their rep's inherent attributes to solve the problem of poor onboarding, slow ramp-up times, and poor knowledge retention.

Content Raven's Awards solution is a new feature in the company's sales enablement platform. Specifically, Content Raven Awards allows sales organizations to:

    --  Gamify their training programs by awarding points to users as they
        consume content, Learning Paths, Quizzes and Video Assessments.
    --  Motivate users with badges, notifications and rewards as they "level up"
        and complete specific training activities.
    --  Create friendly competition among the sales team with a Leaderboard that
        ranks users based on performance and engagement.
    --  Encourage improvement and movement up the leaderboard with a content
        recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence.
    --  Create custom badges unique to their organization. Users can add to
        their "Trophy Case" and public profile, to promote their levels of

"We know that sales reps need an immense amount of company knowledge to be top performers, but we also know that these reps want to be in the field and closing deals as quickly as possible," explains Joe Moriarty, CEO of Content Raven. "If learning is not fun, engaging, competitive and easy, sales reps will not participate. With our platform, and the awards solution, organizations can deliver sales training on-demand and keep sales reps motivated to use the resources available to them. The result is a more engaged sales team, and more quota-achieving sales people."

Pearson Education, the world's learning company, is a Content Raven customer focused on maximizing their sales onboarding process."Content Raven's sales enablement platform helps us ensure that our salespeople are up-to-speed and have knowledge at their fingertips, in order to do their jobs well," says Nancy Forsyth, VP of Sales Training & Development at Pearson. "The new Awards feature will help us motivate and engage our sales people and recognize them for their accomplishments, including learning new products, meeting specific goals, and understanding and using our sales content."

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