Global Cell-based Assays Technologies & Markets (2018-2023) with 26+ Player Profiles

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The "Cell-based Assays: Technologies and Global Markets" report has been added to's offering.

This report reviews global markets and new developments for cell-based assays and forecasts trends for the use of these assays for drug discovery, safety and toxicology through 2023.

The report includes details of important assays, technologies and the latest developments and outlines market shares by assay type and company, with a special emphasis on the U.S. market. Statistical information on the prevalence of types of cancers worldwide is also included.

The report also details current issues and trends affecting the industry, as well as costs and factors that have an impact on demand. It covers products in development, new technologies, trends, and alliances and mergers. The report offers market data by segment and region and discusses market trends with respect to drivers, restraints and opportunities.

Key Topics Covered

Chapter 1 Introduction

    --  Study Goals and Objectives
    --  Reasons for Doing This Study
    --  Scope of the Report
    --  Intended Audience
    --  Methodology
    --  Geographic Breakdown
    --  Analyst's Credentials
    --  Custom Research
    --  Related Reports

Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights

Chapter 3 Overview

    --  Introduction
    --  Drug Discovery
    --  High-content Screening
    --  Data Analysis
    --  Overview: Cell-based Assay
    --  Tools for Drug Discovery
    --  High-content Screening
    --  Cell-based Screening
    --  Proliferation Assays
    --  Proof of Concept for Cell-based Assays
    --  Cell-based Assays and Technology Trends
    --  Advancements in Cell-based Assays
    --  Novel Cell-based Assay Using Organoids, Scaffolds/Hydrogels and
    --  Spheroids for Drug Development
    --  Label-free Cell-based Assay Technology Using Biolayer Interferometry
    --  Lineage Sequencing for Mutational Analysis and Cancer-based Studies
    --  Evaluation of Hantavirus Replication Using In-cell Western Assay
    --  Quantitative Cell-based Assay Using a High-content Analysis Platform
    --  High-throughput Single-cell Transcriptome Sequencing
    --  Ex Vivo Chemosensitivity Assays for Individualized Cancer Chemotherapy
    --  G Protein-coupled Receptors
    --  Luciferase-based High-throughput Screening Assay
    --  Functionally Relevant Morphological Profiling for Mesenchymal Stromal

Chapter 4 Assays for Drug Discovery

    --  Cell-based Approaches for ADME/Tox Screening
    --  Market Opportunities
    --  ADME and Toxicity Screening
    --  Multiplexed Cell-based Assays
    --  High-throughput Imaging-based Platform for Cell-based Assays
    --  Cell Assays in Today's Drug Discovery Process
    --  Label-free Cellular Assays: The Relevant Future of Drug Discovery
    --  Conclusion

Chapter 5 Cell-based Assays: Current Technologies

    --  Factors in Cell-based Assay Development
    --  Reporter Gene Technology
    --  Cell-based Assays for Studying Protein-Protein Interactions
    --  Cell-based Protein-fragment Complementation Assays
    --  Measuring Calcium Signaling
    --  Cell-based Label-free Approaches
    --  Automation and Miniaturization
    --  Cell Patterning
    --  Cell-based Assays and Physiological Relevance
    --  Cell-based Assays and Multiplexing
    --  Developing Reporter Assays
    --  Reporter Assays and Multiplexing
    --  Ultrahigh-throughput Screening
    --  Development of the PathHunter Assay
    --  High-content Screening Technology
    --  Imaging Cells for Cell-based Assays
    --  Microscopic Visualization of Cells
    --  Quantum Dots
    --  Label-free Imaging
    --  Investigational New Studies in Drug Development
    --  Role of ADME in Drug Design
    --  Prodrug Strategies
    --  Molecular Modeling
    --  Summary
    --  Limitations of Cell-based Assays in the Risk Assessment Process
    --  Bottlenecks in Cell-based Screening
    --  Methods to Improve Throughput in Cell-based Assays
    --  New Technologies
    --  DataChip
    --  BIND Technology
    --  Miniaturization of Biological Assays
    --  Microfluidic Cell Culture Systems for Drug Research
    --  Conclusion

Chapter 6 Commercialization of Cell-based Assays

    --  Role of Cell-based Assays
    --  Drug Discovery and Cell-based Assays
    --  Opportunities for Market Adoption
    --  Measuring Cell Proliferation
    --  Companies Offering Cell Proliferation Assays
    --  Move Toward Therapies with Stem and Immune Cells
    --  Cell-based Screening Assays
    --  Orphan Receptors
    --  Summary

Chapter 7 Global Cell-based Assay and Instrumentation Market

    --  Current Market Overview
    --  Cell-based Assays
    --  Cell-based Assay Market
    --  Market Dynamics
    --  Market Drivers
    --  Cell-based Assays for Preclinical Development
    --  Cell Biology Reagents
    --  High-throughput Screening
    --  Advantages of HTS Assays
    --  Major Drivers
    --  Drug Discovery Technology Market
    --  Market for Life Sciences Tools and Reagents
    --  Cell Culture Market
    --  Cell Culture Reagent Market
    --  Global Market for Cell Culture Reagents
    --  Three-dimensional Cell Culture Market
    --  Cell-based Assay Market Growth
    --  Market Demand
    --  Cell-based Assays: Basic Research
    --  Market for Cellular Assays in Basic Research
    --  Cell Proliferation Fluorescence Assay
    --  In Vitro Toxicity Testing
    --  In Vitro Skin Irritation Testing
    --  ADME and Toxicology Market
    --  In Vitro Predictive Toxicology
    --  Cell-based Assays for Drug Discovery
    --  ADME Toxicology Testing Market
    --  DiscoverX
    --  ADME Tools and Technologies
    --  ADME Studies for FDA Submissions
    --  Market Players
    --  New Developments
    --  In Vitro Inflammation Models
    --  Multiplex Assays for GPCR Signaling
    --  Types of Cell-based Assays
    --  HCS Market Drivers
    --  High-Content Screening Kits
    --  High-Content Screening Instrumentation Market
    --  Flow Cytometers
    --  Label-free Detection Market
    --  Microplate Instrumentation and Supplies
    --  Challenges of Cell-based Assays
    --  Future of Cell-based Assays
    --  Cell-based Assays for Research Purposes
    --  G Protein-Coupled Receptors
    --  GPCRs: A Potent Class of Drug Targets
    --  GPCR Drugs
    --  Developments
    --  Cell-based Assays: Screening Ion Channels
    --  Label-free Detection
    --  Companies
    --  Thermo Fisher
    --  CellSensor
    --  LanthaScreen
    --  Molecular Devices
    --  Conclusion

Chapter 8 Global Markets

    --  Global Market Overview
    --  Global Market for Cell-based Assays
    --  Cell-based Assays in Leading Emerging Markets
    --  Summary
    --  North American Market
    --  U.S. Market
    --  European Market
    --  Drug Discovery in Emerging Economies
    --  Drug Discovery in India and China
    --  Advances in Cell-based Assays
    --  Contract Research Organizations and Cell-based Assays
    --  Outlook

Chapter 9 Company Profiles

    --  Acea Biosciences
    --  BD Biosciences
    --  Beckman Coulter
    --  Cellular Dynamics International
    --  Caliper Life Sciences
    --  Celsis In Vitro Technologies (Celsis Ivt)
    --  Cisbio Bioassays
    --  Discoverx Corp.
    --  EMD Millipore
    --  Enzo Life Sciences
    --  Endonovo Therapeutics
    --  Evotec Ag
    --  Ge Healthcare
    --  Hemogenix
    --  Life Technologies
    --  Lonza
    --  Molecular Devices (Danaher)
    --  Oncolmmunin
    --  Origene Technologies
    --  Perkinelmer
    --  Promega Corp.
    --  Roche Group
    --  Stemcells Inc.
    --  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    --  TTP Labtech
    --  Vivo Biosciences
    --  Vitro Biopharma

Chapter 10 Legal Aspects of Cell-based Assays

    --  Intellectual Property Landscape for Cell-based Assays
    --  Recent News, Alliances and Mergers
    --  Summary and Outlook

Chapter 11 Appendix: Bibliography

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