Silky Tots launches a U.S platform in response to thousands of requests from parents

Mum of two from Australia has taken her popular silk bedding company international, offering American parents a solution to baby baldness and knotted hair

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Australian-born online store Silky Tots officially launches its U.S platform. Silky Tots make a beautiful range of luxe silk bedding for babies and young children that are not your average sheets and pillow cases. Its world's first 'cot slips' help to prevent baby baldness and regrow lost hair. International expansion comes earlier than expected for the small startup but was considered necessary with an overwhelming amount of American parents requesting the bedding to be available overseas too.

Silky Tots was founded by mum of two, Nikki Bardis, after she kept finding clumps of hair in her daughters cot when she woke from sleep. Bardis came up with the idea of using high quality silk to stop this problem when she remembered that her Gran always used a silk pillowcase to protect her hair. Bardis immediately saw that and her daughter was no longer losing hair and was even regrowing hair on her bald patch. Online research found that there was no safe option available for purchase so Bardis applied her business knowledge gained from running other ecommerce stores and entrepreneur flare for textiles and design to create the silk range of bedding.

All products within the range have been designed in line with the SIDS safety guidelines, fitting snug over a normal cot sheet to create a silky barrier between the babies head and the sheet below. Interestingly, silk also has a number of extra benefits in addition to helping stimulate hair growth. It's naturally hypoallergenic, helping soothe sensitive skin. It's a dust mite repellent to make breathing crisper and cleaner for asthma sufferers and also temperature regulating so babies will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ten weeks after launching the company in May 2018, Silky Tots was sold out of stock and saw financial profits in the hundreds of thousands. Sales can be attributed to the engaging social media channels hosted by the company with the majority of sales coming through Instagram. It was via social media that parents from the other countries, particularly the U.K and U.S, contacted Silky Tots and requested the products in their countries. Today, Silky Tots celebrates its first expansion with the rest of the world in its sights.

"We are so excited and proud to be expanding Silky Tots internationally after only launching the entire company 6 months ago," says Bardis. "We know that parents are always looking for new products and services to better their children's lifestyle. The bedding we've made offers a solution to balding and those who have matted, unmanageable hair. Making sure our kids are comfy when they're sleeping is key and the results and feedback show that our young ones are sleeping like angels."

American consumers can purchase the silk cot slips, bassinet slips, pillowcases and head support pillows at and can see the amazing results of children who have used the product on Instagram by visiting @silkytots or searching #bubwokeuplikethis.

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