The Best Winter Driving Tips

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Winter is the most challenging season for drivers. Icy roads, heavy snow and strong winds pose serious problems even to the most experienced drivers. It is also important to have adequate coverage. Collision and comprehensive car insurance are the recommended policies. Find out more and get free quotes from

When driving during winter, drivers should follow these tips:

    --  Avoid tailgating. Usually, drivers should follow the "3-4 seconds",
        meaning that they should keep 3-4 seconds distance from the car ahead.
        During winter drivers should add extra space and maintain 8 to 10
        seconds of distance from the car in front. This will make sure that they
        can brake in time to avoid the car in front, should it stop or slows
        down brusquely.
    --  Adapt driving style to weather conditions. Speed limits are based on
        perfect road conditions. In winter driving conditions, going 65 mph on
        the highway can be fatal. Reduce speed to a safer limit. Also, do not be
        stressed by a driver behind you who is tailgating or flashing his
        lights. Think about your safety first. If necessary, pull to the side of
        the road to let the driver pass.
    --  Keep adequate distance from snowplows. Keep a distance of at least 70
        feet (four car lengths) behind a snowplow. This will make sure that the
        driver is not in one of the plows blind spots. It can also help prevent
        the sand and brine spraying from the back of the plow from damaging the
        vehicle. Also, never pass a plow because parts of the road they have not
        yet cleared may be unsafe.
    --  Avoid using cruise control.  Cruise control is designed to keep your car
        while traveling at a consistent speed. If the vehicle loses traction on
        a patch of ice, cruise control will accelerate to try to maintain speed.
        And that is extremely dangerous and may lead to a crash.

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