Itential Enables Major U.S. Communications Company to Accelerate New Customer Onboarding and Revenues through Network Automation

ATLANTA, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Itential®, the leader in intelligent network automation, today announced that it has enabled one of the largest communications companies in the U.S. for voice and data services to accelerate new customer onboarding and revenues through network automaton. Itential's Intelligent Network Automation solution coupled with Cisco's Network Service Orchestration (NSO) reduced service provisioning and activation times by 70% for the leading telecommunications company.

For service providers, activating new customers in a timely and efficient manner is critical to their business. The company needed a way to automate the provisioning of hundreds of routers to accelerate its service activation process, with fewer resources and without negatively impacting customer satisfaction. After evaluating multiple options, the company selected Itential's Intelligent Network Automation solution and Cisco NSO to automate zero-touch provisioning. Leveraging Itential's network intelligent workflow builder, the customer was able to manage and automate the activation process between the ordering and inventory systems, Cisco NSO and the router. The combined Itential and NSO solution replaced the company's manual process with a customized, automated provisioning workflow to automatically update the pre-installed base configuration with no onsite support required.

"Itential was an attractive solution because of our ability to integrate with and leverage the company's existing network systems," said Ian Bresnahan, CEO, Itential. "As a result, the customer could increase return on their past investment while ensuring a seamless transition to new processes with minimal retraining required for operations staff."

By automating service activation processes with Itential and NSO, activation times were reduced by 70%. Additionally, the number of touch points was decreased from six to one, getting customers online faster and adding two more weeks of revenue per customer. In addition to faster provisioning with fewer resources, the Itential and Cisco NSO solution is improving the overall quality of new service configurations, resulting in happier customers and fewer support requests. To learn more about how this major U.S. communications company uses Itential for network automation, download the case study here.

Itential simplifies and automates the journey toward the modern network and bridges the gap between IT and networking teams by enabling users to easily build, execute and visualize Network Intelligent Workflows. Itential's low-code environment provides a vendor agnostic, turnkey solution, connecting network orchestrators and controllers with IT Service Management applications and configuration tools to accomplish closed-loop network automation. Itential's products are in use today within some of the world's largest networks, including many of the top service provider and financial services companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Itential was recently named a 2018 Top 10 Enterprise Networking Startup by Enterprise Networking Magazine. To learn more about Itential, click here to request a meeting.

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