Oxea Lifts Force Majeure in Oberhausen, Germany

The chemical company Oxea has lifted its declaration of force majeure for products from Oberhausen, Germany. The production units there are running at normal capacity again.

The declaration of force majeure had become necessary because of an incident beyond Oxea's control at an important raw material supplier at the Oberhausen site on November 18, 2018. As a result of this operational disruption, Oxea had to temporarily restrict supplies of certain products that the company manufactures in Oberhausen.

The site partner has now successfully rectified the operational disruption. As a result, Oxea now has sufficient raw material at its disposal again and will be able to gradually meet its delivery obligations. Oxea has already informed its customers and distributors.

About Oxea

Oxea is a global manufacturer of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives, such as alcohols, polyols, carboxylic acids, specialty esters, and amines. These products are used for the production of high-quality coatings, lubricants, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, flavorings and fragrances, printing inks and plastics. Oxea employs more than 1,400 people worldwide. Oxea is part of the Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C. (OOC), a commercial company wholly owned by the Government of Oman. Established in 1996, it pursues investment opportunities in the wider energy sector both inside and outside Oman. OOC plays an important role in the Sultanate's efforts to diversify the economy and to promote domestic and foreign investments.

For more information about Oxea, visit www.oxea-chemicals.com.