FloDesign Sonics announces ekko(TM), a platform technology for cell and gene therapy manufacturing at the Biotech Showcase(TM) in San Francisco.

WILBRAHAM, Mass. , Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- FloDesign Sonics, a global leader in acoustic cell processing for cell and gene therapies, today announced the creation of the ekko platform to support the needs of this rapidly evolving industry. Based on FloDesign Sonics' patented technology, ekko represents a vision for a product family using acoustics to address typical as well as unique applications associated with cell and gene manufacturing. This disruptive platform has the ability to process cells in a gentle and efficient way compared to traditional mechanical methods such as centrifugation or spinning membrane.

"The acoustic engine at the heart of ekko is extremely flexible and has been proven to process cells in washing, concentration and several other key steps in ways legacy technologies have not been able to. We see acoustics as the foundation of a closed and automated platform we developed for research through to GMP manufacturing."
-Richard Grant; Chief Product Officer

FloDesign Sonics' mission is to apply acoustic cell processing to industrialize cell and gene therapy manufacturing, helping to reduce costs and improve patient accessibility. The ekko platform has been developed to achieve this goal, offering a solution that is more than an incremental improvement on existing technologies. FloDesign believes a "made for purpose" design strategy will ultimate produce a flexible, scalable solution that will adapt as the needs of the industry evolves.

Stanley Kowalski, Co-Founder and CEO, will be presenting on FloDesign Sonic's vision and this important milestone in product development at the Biotech Showcase, January 7th in San Francisco, CA (1:45pm, Yosemite A).

Stanley Kowalski commented, "ekko is the realization of our vision thanks to the hard work of our team and support from our investors. We are excited to present on our milestone achievement and our strategy moving forward as we continue to grow and partner."

About FloDesign Sonics
Founded in 2010, FloDesign Sonics develops acoustic technologies for the separation, concentration and purification of materials in an active fluid. Our key focus area is cell therapy, helping to address manufacturing challenges related to the processing, separation and purification of CAR T cells from pre-clinical through production. Our goal is to help industrialize cell therapies by addressing key areas of concern; manufacturing costs, product quality, scalability and simplification. We apply acoustic cell processing technology to key applications such as concentrate and washing steps, affinity separation and cell harvest. Please visit www.fdsonics.com for more information.


FloDesign Sonics


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