Triumph Selected to Supply Critical Systems for T-X - Trainer

Triumph Group, Inc announced today that it will provide Airframe Mounted Accessory Drives (AMAD) and hydraulic systems to Saab for the Boeing T-X advanced pilot training jet. Saab, Boeing’s partner for the T-X program, responsible for the aft fuselage and the associated subsystems, named Triumph as the supplier to design, develop, manufacture, and provide aftermarket support for the AMAD and hydraulic systems.

The announcement follows the selection of Boeing T-X as the new U.S. Air Force advanced pilot training system, replacing the fleet of the aging T-38 aircraft.

“We look forward to delivering these systems for the T-X program that will provide U.S. Air Force pilots in training with the latest equipment to support missions that protect freedom and democracy,” said Frank Dubey, Executive Vice President, Triumph Integrated Systems.

Triumph Integrated Systems’ Geared Solutions operating company will provide the AMADs, which features the company’s aircraft accessory gearbox product line. Its Actuation & Control operating company will provide subcomponents for the hydraulic systems used on the aircraft. Triumph Actuation & Control has partnered with Saab for many years, supplying similar hydraulic equipment for other aircraft programs.

“With this award, Triumph will provide hydraulic systems and sophisticated gear drive technology, in addition to our existing contract with Boeing providing major structural content including the wing, vertical tail and horizontal tail,” said Dan Crowley, Triumph Group President and CEO.

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