HighPoint Technology Solutions Releases Degree Planner to Higher Education Design Partners

CORAL GABLES, Fla., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- After many years of design and development work, HighPoint announces the release of the latest product in its student success suite of tools for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions institutions: Degree Planner.

In conjunction with the product release, HighPoint also announces a forward-thinking cohort of five design partner institutions that have signed to deploy Degree Planner. These institutions include: Houston Community College System, Los Rios Community College District, California State University at Long Beach, California State University at San Luis Obispo, and Duke University.

Duke is excited to continue our collaboration with HighPoint as a design partner for Degree Planner. The timing is actually ideal for Duke. There is a growing need for a more intuitive and powerful planning and degree tracking tool, and since our students have already embraced the Schedule Builder tool, HighPoint is an ideal option for this critical improvement to the suite of tools available to our students. Chris Derickson, Assistant Vice Provost and Director Student Information Services and Systems

HighPoint Degree Planner helps students & advisors develop and sequence a personalized path to on-time graduation. All data used within Degree Planner is real-time as it leverages the institution's degree audit system inside of PeopleSoft, thereby avoiding costly deployment and maintenance issues.

We are very excited to partner with five outstanding institutions that share our passion for providing students the necessary tools to help them graduate in the most efficient manner. Conversations with the administrators and staff at these institutions helped us design few of the product's critical features. George Amalor, Founder & CEO

Based on Department of Education's reports, only 37% of all students graduated from that same institution eight years later -- down from 45% last year. For Two-Year institutions the rate is 27% and 48% at Four-Year institutions.

Having already successfully implemented HighPoint Course Auditor, which has worked very well for financial aid course applicability, Los Rios is excited to expand our partnership with HighPoint on Degree Planner to create simple, personalized paths to on-time completion for every student. Theresa Matista, Deputy Chancellor

Developing a pathway to on-time graduation in an automated fashion is still one of the thorniest challenges to solve in Higher Education. Improvements in this area save students, parents and tax payers billions of dollars annually.

At Cal State Long Beach, we are excited to be design partners with Highpoint on Degree Planner so we can clarify the paths we have available for students so they can choose the right curriculum, stay on that path and meet their personal academic goals on time. Our hope for this new software is getting students the best possible information at the best time so they can make the best decisions about their future. Susan Leigh, Assistant Vice President Enrollment Services

About HighPoint: HighPoint has partnered with over 130 PeopleSoft Campus Solutions institutions and with over 300 products licensed they are the leaders in student success solutions for PeopleSoft institutions. The company believes in helping institutions get more out of their Oracle investments through better outcomes, faster deployments and compelling user experiences. HighPoint products include a broad array of solutions for Financial Aid, Class Scheduling, Messaging, Mobile and Degree Planning needs.

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