Small Kitchen Appliances Jump 30% in 2018, Report Finds

BOSTON, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Edge by Ascential, a leading provider of accurate and actionable ecommerce data, insights and advisory solutions for global brands and retailers, finds that the Small Kitchen Appliances category on sold an estimated $1.5B during 2018, up 30% from 2017. Amazon now accounts for approximately 20% of the US Small Kitchen Appliance market.

Edge's Market Share research reveals that Hot Beverage Makers continue to drive the most sales in this category, maintaining Amazon's position as one of the biggest Small Kitchen Appliance sellers in America. Keurig remains the leading brand in the Hot Beverage Makers subcategory with four different models of its single serve k-cup pod coffee makers ranking among the top 20 category bestsellers.

"Small Kitchen Appliances are one of the most exciting product sectors because so many market forces converge on this one space," explains Chris Perry, VP at Edge by Ascential. "Food science meets technological innovation meets foodie fads. At the same time, convenience and coolness are just as important as they've always been. This is a sector where start-ups and inventor-driven companies consistently beat out the big appliance brands, defining new trends and inspiring plenty of copy-cats. Since Amazon is the preferred retailer of digitally native brands, Amazon is at the forefront of innovation in this space."

Instant Pot and Keurig remained the leading brands in Kitchen Appliances in 2018, each dominating their respective subcategories Cookers and Hot Beverage Makers. The fastest growing subcategory, Small Cooking Appliances, was also driven by innovative products from start-ups such as GoWISE Air Fryer and the Power Smokeless Grill. Conversely, the #3 subcategory Blending & Juicing has shifted away from the convenience and affordability of bullet blenders in favor of traditional blenders, stand mixers and food processors which offer more capacity and functionality, including products from Cuisinart, KitchenAid and Ninja.

Although Keurig garnered the most sales in the subcategory, growth in Hot Beverage Makers was driven by Espresso Makers and Electric Kettles, which both saw a 50% increase in total YoY sales. Unsurprisingly, an Amazon private brand is also driving this growth: the AmazonBasics Electric Kettle, the retailer's first private label Small Kitchen Appliance, was introduced in September 2017 and in 2018 ranked alongside Secura as one of the two bestselling Electric Kettles on

"Amazon is more than aware of the value that Small Kitchen Appliances carries for the retailer," continues Perry. "Not only does it reinforce Amazon's reputation as an innovator and innovation facilitator, but every kitchen appliance sale trickles down into sales of grocery and kitchen consumables. Just think about Kenmore integrating Dash into their smart appliances. Customers who buy their kitchen products on Amazon will also spend more on groceries, accessories and household consumables. And then when it's time to upgrade their appliances, it's back to Amazon. It's a cycle, and it's going to keep Amazon growing for a long time."

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