NEXCOM Collaborates with Partners to Introduce Patented Innovation of Ultra High-Speed Signal Design

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- NEXCOM, a solution provider in network communication and network security industries, has partnered with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), FHT (First Hi-Tec), and TUC (Taiwan Union Technology Corp.) to co-develop new technology to overcome design challenge of high-speed signaling. This innovative technology will be applied to high end network equipment in telecommunication industry and expected to be available in Q2 2019.

The innovation encompasses three new technologies, including a new type of 'Ultra Low Loss' material called TUC3, in which the Insertion loss can reach as low as -0.57dB/inch @25Gbps. Another brainchild, named Coaxial VIA, is an innovative technology that outperforms in signal simulation through traditional Pass Through Hole (PTH) VIA. Coaxial VIA in PCB layout is able to maintain better signal integrity in high speed signal, compared with traditional PTH VIA in PCB FAB. The third innovation is the embedded capacitor layered in PCB FAB instead of current mainstream SMD type capacitor. By using such embedded capacitor, it reduces the circuitry traces by 50% and as a result greatly enhances the signal integrity since it cuts down much of the Synchronized Switching Noise generated by high speed IC chip (such as Mellanox ConnectX-5, etc).

NEXCOM has developed a 100G LAN module showcasing the three innovations put together by the four-party alliance. "These three patented innovative technologies allow high speed signal to extend the length up to 14," according to Matthew Liou, Product Line Director of NEXCOM Network Communication Solutions Business Group. "When the module is tested in the Intel Skylake-EP-based NEXCOM NSA7146 and runs under NEXCOM's own DPDK, we witness impressive figures of throughput. We achieve this without any addition of repeaters, re-timers and any other active components in hardware design to safeguard its signal integrity and at the same time, maintain the desired performance."

In 5G era, this revolutionary innovation will bring to the world new generation high-speed, broad-band network equipment, as embodied in this milestone-marking 100G LAN module developed by NEXCOM International, a true breakthrough in high speed signal design. For more information, visit NEXCOM website and check out the whitepaper.

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