SigmaSense® Demonstrates Breakthrough Interactive Display at Digital Signage Expo

AUSTIN, Texas, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SigmaSense LLC, providing unique touch and pen solutions for interactive displays, announces the industry's first unveiling of an 86 inch interactive display with performance previously thought unobtainable by the industry. These performance breakthroughs are industry firsts that will enable OEMs to meet the increasing market demand for new collaborative experiences. Human engagement and connectedness are significantly improved with a great interactive display augmenting the experience. SigmaSense is enabling manufacturers to finally implement very large interactive displays while delivering unprecedented touch and pen performance.

Capacitive-Imaging Technology Ushers in New Era of large Interactive Displays

SigmaSense's R&D team has solved the limiting challenges that have held back broad adoption of large interactive displays. "With Capacitive-Imaging technology, we have enabled the world's first ITO touch sensor on an 86-inch display delivering high-performance touch sensing," said Steve Sedaker, CMO, SigmaSense. "We do this through 7mm thick cover glass, through gloves, and even through conductive liquid on the display, while reporting the captured information at 300 frames per second."

OEMs can enjoy the many performance benefits of SigmaSense's Concurrent Modality - sensing all the channels all the time, providing unlimited finger support, elimination of tedious tuning and significant improvements in noise immunity. "Capacitive touch innovations have remained stagnant over the last decade providing only incremental functionality and performance," said Rick Seger, CEO, SigmaSense. "Our new Capacitive-Imaging technology facilitates ease of design, fast tuning, optical superiority and breakthrough improvements in performance for large displays that were simply not possible before. With our breakthrough technology, we are enabling new display-centered group experiences that will define interactive innovation for years to come. This is an exciting game changer for markets that have been waiting for the technology to catch up with their creativity."

Our Capacitive-Imaging modulator on each channel allows the drive frequencies to concurrently stimulate and adapt in real time to avoid environmental noise. Powerful digital signal processing delivers very high SNR, which enables the SigmaSense approach to achieve unparalleled noise immunity and ultra-low power consumption.

    --  10x lower voltage and power consumption
    --  100x better noise filtering
    --  100,000x oversampling
    --  Lowest interaction latency
    --  No harmonics for minimum EMI
    --  Best in class resolution and accuracy for a wide range of sensor

About SigmaSense® LLC
SigmaSense provides the industries' first digital and fully-scalable sensing technology to solve the noise immunity and tuning challenges of traditional touch sensor solutions. SigmaSense's breakthrough in Capacitive-Imaging enables concurrent transmit and receive for self-capacitance, mutual capacitance and pen from a single pin per channel. The unique approach enables many industries to develop perceptive, intuitive machine interfaces demanded by the market today. Interactions with mobile devices, large format interactive displays and limitless sensing applications will benefit from the breakthrough capabilities now possible. For further information, please visit


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