UBiqube proceeds with a Series B funding round led by NTT COMWARE to further accelerate its global expansion

DUBLIN, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- UBiqube, the leading infrastructure Automation and Orchestration vendor, welcomes NTT COMWARE (NTT's system integration arm) as the lead investor in a newly launched Series B funding round.

In light of the growing market demand for the integration and automation of processes over multi-vendor and multi-domain network and security technologies, fueled by disruptive transformations (such as cloud, 5G, smart cities and IoT, security automation, AI, etc.), UBiqube shareholders have decided to launch a 20 M$ Series B to accelerate the company's expansion plans.

UBiqube's orchestration software, the MSActivator(TM), empowers the industry with an evergreen vendor and domain-neutral DevOps platform for the design of Integrated Automation processes, spanning the entire infrastructure continuum, from cloud to core, to edge.

Automation workflows have already been designed and deployed using the MSActivator(TM) in a wide variety of domains and use cases, from managed security services, security automation (auto-remediation), cloud orchestration, SDWAN, Smart City applications, network orchestration, and many more.

The MSActivator(TM) enables Integrated Automation through Orchestration Continuum and breaks the vendor and domain silos' chasm that has plagued the industry for decades.

UBiqube's global expansion will rely entirely on an ecosystem of strategic channel partners, whose certified engineers will design the required automation solution for the different verticals and customers they are addressing, over the MSActivator(TM).

A prominent example of the MSActivator's potential as an integration engine for complex infrastructure-based projects is the newly announced Las Vegas Smart City project which involves a broad ecosystem of technology vendors integrated by NTT Data Services in charge of the final solution delivery for the city of Las Vegas. NTT COMWARE acts as the multi Orchestration developer using MSActivator(TM) for building the solution in support of one of the most ambitious smart city projects to date.

The compelling impact of the MSActivator(TM) on the delivery and future operations of this strategic project, coupled with the solid vendor neutrality and independence of UBiqube, have convinced NTT and NTT COMWARE to lead UBiqube's Series B round.

Satoshi Kurishima, President of NTT COMWARE:

"NTT COMWARE, as one of the leading integrators in Japan, with global reach via the NTT group, strives to provide its customers with the most innovative solutions which will assist them in their digital transformation while dramatically improving their operations through automation. UBiqube is key to our strategy on the matter and as a strong believer in their vision, we are eager to support their global expansion via this strategic investment."

Nabil Souli, CEO of UBiqube:

"It is a privilege to have, yet again, an entity of the NTT group invest in our venture. This is a testimony to how compelling the MSActivator has become in a wide continuum of applications and use cases, making it the perfect technology for whoever is intending to navigate the digital transformation seas, without ever being vendor-locked and limited in integration scope. We look forward to having NTT COMWARE on our board of Directors."

Jun Sawada, President and CEO of NTT:

"The global emergence of SmartCity initiatives is among the many tangible indicators illustrating the rapid digitalization of our society. NTT's strategic ambition is to act as a global preferred value partner for its customers and partners, providing them with the extended expertise and technology know-how of the entire NTT group to ensure best in class migration towards a new intelligent secure and automated digital era. As part of our continued quest for strategic technologies enabling this transition, we have chosen UBiqube's industry-leading multi-domain orchestration platform. I am hence enthusiastic to see our tighter business relationship materialize through this investment round."

NTT COMWARE is the system integrator arm of the NTT group.

About UBiqube
UBiqube is the leading global orchestration solution vendor for integrated automation applied to networking, Cloud and security technologies. UBiqube is headquartered in Dublin with global sales and engineering presence.

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