BIOLITE. The World's Thinnest Reading Light.

VANCOUVER, Canada, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nemuix launched its first product, BIOLITE -- the world's thinnest reading light on Kickstarter. BIOLITE functions as a reading light and a bookmark, allowing any book nomad to read absolutely anywhere with ease and comfort.

Thinner than a coin and able to fit into any wallet, BIOLITE stays flat until it is put in a nightstand position. It is designed as the best companion as you embark a clean sleep lifestyle:

    --  Low Blue-light LED. We use special low blue-light emitting LED units for
        BIOLITE. It minimizes the quantity of bluelight wavelength emitted by
        artificial light and digital devices, allowing you to read at ease
        without tripping your melatonin shut-off switch.
    --  Energy Efficient. BIOLITE is designed to be powered by a single lithium
        coin battery which can last for more than 4 hours continuously. Designed
        as an open circuit, BIOLITE does not use energy when used as a bookmark.
        Only when you place it in a 'night-stand' position does it start.
    --  Strong Yet Flexible. It's made from reinforced plastic film which allows
        it to achieve the "night-stand" position and get back to its "bookmark"
        position perfectly without any flex nor stress markings.
    --  Paper Thin. It fits into any wallet easily with just a mere 0.079 mm
        thickness vs a US dollar coin of 2mm. Printed on conductive thin films,
        nano particles are added to the silver conductive ink designed as an
        open circuit until you place it in a nightstand position.

BIOLITE was launched on Kickstarter on April 9, 2019 and it was fully funded within 2 hours. It is available for a super early bird price USD$5 at 58% off the retail price.

For more information, please visit BIOLITE.
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About nemuix:

At nemuix, we believe in developing products to achieve a state of sleepiness - nemui. To counter this modern war on sleep, we will need to go back the age-old wisdom of clean sleep by learning to relax our eyes and body.

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