Avio: Successful Static Firing Test of the New Engine Zefiro 40 (Vega C)

ROME, May 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Avio S.p.A. informs about the successful static firing test of the Zefiro 40 (Z40) engine carried out yesterday at our SPTF facilities. The Z40 will provide thrust as the second stage of the Vega C, the new and more performing European small launcher whose maiden flight is expected in early 2020. The test performed today with the support of more than 40 engineers and specialized personnel, represented a fundamental milestone for the qualification of the engine as it allowed to collect all of data and parameters necessary to simulate the engine in-flight statistics with an approximation very close to the actual flight conditions.

"The success of this test is a critical milestone in the development of Vega C, which will fly for the first time at the start of 2020" - stated Giulio Ranzo, Chief Executive Officer of Avio. "This test demonstrates the skills and abilities of our people and the reliability of Avio's technologies. Its success rewards the team work as well as our established and precious cooperation with ESA engineers."

About Avio

Avio is a leading international group engaged in the construction and development of space launchers and solid and liquid propulsion systems for space travel. The experience and know-how built up over more than 50 years puts Avio at the cutting-edge of the space launcher sector, solid, liquid and cryogenic propulsion and tactical propulsion. Avio operates in Italy, France and France Guyana with 5 facilities, employing approx. 900 highly-qualified personnel, of which approx. 30% involved in research and development.

Avio is a prime contractor for the Vega programme and a sub-contractor for the Ariane programme, both financed by the European Space Agency ("ESA"), placing Italy among the limited number of countries capable of producing a complete spacecraft.

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