MediStreams Reaches 10 Year Mark

ROSWELL, Ga., May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- MediStreams, a Medical Banking and Healthcare Remittance Automation company, incorporated in July 2009. The company started with an idea and a team who could build, sell, and run a superior remittance processing platform. Ten years later, MediStreams has grown to create an entire healthcare remittance ecosystem, linking multiple platforms including financial institutions, clearinghouses, payers, practice management systems, document management systems and provider analytics engines. This remittance platform is fully automated and can be customized for each client. MediStreams continues to innovate and deliver best-in-class solutions for the Healthcare Revenue Cycle market.

MediStreams' team of healthcare billing professionals "knew there was a better way". Today over 240 clients with over 7,800 individual facilities for physicians, durable medical equipment, labs, clinics, and hospitals use the MediStreams technology and services to automate healthcare payment posting, reconciliation, normalization, analytics, management, and presentment of payment data on a highly compliant and secure platform.

MediStreams COO, John Koch, states, "As MediStreams hits the 10-year mark, we thank our employees for their trust, commitment and drive to be industry leaders. We thank our prestigious channel partners who engage as a sales arm for MediStreams." MediStreams' reseller partner channel includes banks, clearinghouses, consultants, and lockbox providers. "And, most important, we thank our client base. Our technology is inspired by and built in collaboration with our clients. Our close, personal relationship with our clients is essential to our decade of success. We look forward to paving our way into the future as true partners with each of our clients."


MediStreams supplies outsourced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services for healthcare providers. MediStreams automates the flow of healthcare payments with lockbox services, ERA to EFT deposit reconciliation, paper to 835 conversions, patient payment and correspondence processing. MediStreams accelerates the posting of remittances, cuts manual processes, and significantly reduces overhead costs. For more information, visit or call 866-836-2835.

SOURCE MediStreams