Desert Hope Treatment Center Welcomes Dee Wirth as Alumni Manager

LAS VEGAS, May 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The concept of camaraderie is essential in addiction recovery, which is why American Addiction Centers (NYSE: AAC) created an alumni program that expands the entire country. Based on her own experience with addiction, Dee Wirth, alumni manager at Desert Hope Treatment Center, strongly believes that a nurturing, supportive community is essential to recovery and she is building one in Las Vegas with Desert Hope graduates.

"Our alumni program is designed to provide support for everyone outside the walls of treatment," said Wirth. "Recovery can be a lot of different things to different people, but it's been my experience that the community aspect is important to include."

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Wirth previously struggled with addiction herself. Over 15 years ago, she was battling an addiction to methamphetamine. After a parole violation resulted in prison or court-ordered treatment, Wirth went to a treatment center and stayed for two years with her children. Because of the supportive community she had, Wirth was able to obtain a graduate degree and now provides the help once given to her.

People are at the highest risk of relapse in the first few months after treatment. In that time period, between 40-60% will relapse. Most treatment centers, prior to the individual's graduation from the program, will have the patient coordinate an aftercare plan with therapists and counselors that will help them build and sustain their new lives in recovery. A significant portion of the aftercare plan revolves around building a community that can continue to provide support.

For many, an important source of support is the alumni program, a community that is always accessible to those in recovery and employed at each AAC facility. Statistically, the ones who veer from a community aspect in recovery typically have a more difficult time than those who do not. While community can mean different things to different people, it's important for to find what works for the individual, whether that is yoga, religion, fitness, school, Alcoholics Anonymous or another type of gathering.

"The makeup of the community isn't as important as the connection," said Wirth. "Community, for people in recovery, builds relationships that are like nothing else. The way that people in recovery relate to each other and hold each other accountable - it's a level of intimacy that they couldn't have with anyone else."

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